January Dark Horse Manga Releases

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Dark Horse's Janurary solicitations.

Blade of the Immortal #64: SKIN part 1 of 2 features the immortal swordsman Manji as the house guest of Master Sori, an eccentric genius swordsman who severed as the shogun's ninja in order to indulge in his passions for art. Matters are complicated when another man arrives at the house, the wild-haired Magatsu, lieutenant of the Itto-ryu, Manji's target.

Cannon God Exaxxion #3: Stage 1 part 3 of 8 continues Kenishi Sonoda's sci-fi tale. "One young man is Earth's only chance to escape the yoke of clever colonizing aliens. But this isn't just any young man, it's the grandson of the most perverted (and technologically connected) scientist in Japan. Hoichi Kano, a bull-headed teen with a bad attitude and a flair for fighting has stopped an alien robot in its tracks. But don't get too full of yourself, hero. It's only one small robot sent to guard one small high school. Desperate Earth commandos prepare to take out the alien ambassador, but not before he uses his giant robot to exact reprisal for Hoichi's actions. Little does he know that there's a bigger enemy waiting in Japan than a kid in a black gun-suit. "

Gunsmith Cats: Misty's Run is a trade paperback collection of issues #8-11 of the Gunsmith Cats: Mister V story-arc (the final story in the series) and two special Gunsmith Cats short stories. Bounty Hunter Rally Vincent, goes after the counterfeiters and fillers who have kidnapped her friend Misty.

Lone Wolf and Cub volume 18: The Last Kurokuwa features the Lone Wolf and Cub assassins' last confrontation with the Kurokuwa , a ninja clan nearly wiped out in the confrontations between Itto Ogami, and the man who framed him, Retsudo Yagyu. Retsudo then unleashes a band of warriors known as the Fire Watchers against the Lone Wolf and Cub. The volume also contains a story about Ogami's confrontation with a group of impoverished peasants who want part of the fortune he has amassed from his killing. The cover of this volume is by comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra Assassin).

Usagi Yomibo #54 features the return of Stan Sakai's Lone Wolf and Cub parody, Lone Goat and Kid. " Gorogoro, the "Kid" in question, has been separated from his father, the fearsome Lone Goat, and it's up to Usagi to bring them back together before a shifty samurai gang with a dubious plan gets in the way. The heat is on - and just in time for the winter! "

Dark Horse will also be releasing the collected edition of Usagi Yojimbo: Grasscutter II:
Forged in the clouds by the elemental gods of feudal Japan, the legendary sword Kusanagi - also known as "Grasscutter" - holds such power that it is sought after by mighty forces of good and evil. Multiple award winner Stan Sakai continues the epic adventures of his signature samurai rabbit, Usagi Yojimbo, in this second book centering on the mystical sword. Starting with a prologue that unveils the history of the sword, Grasscutter II rejoins Usagi with his samurai traveling companion, Gen, as they journey to the sacred shrine of Atsuta to return the powerful sword to its final resting place. But two ninja clans will fight the honorable samurai as well as each other in order to capture the sword and gain control of the empire with it. An enthralling book for all ages to enjoy, Grasscutter II will amaze readers with its narrative depth and poetic storytelling. (Dark Horse Maverick title)
. The original Grasscutter saga won Eisner and Haxtur Awards! "

Usagi Yojimbo is not a manga series, but it is a highly enjoyable comic series that is one of the best example of truly strong graphic story teller. Miyamoto Usagi is a wandering rabbit ronin who lost his master is battle with an ambitious warlord. The series is mostly episodic, with occasional longer stories (such as Grasscutter II). Its simplicity is great for younger readers, and its real emotion will attract older readers. Its engross stories will hold the interest of readers of any age.

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