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Recent announcements from Bandai and Central Park Media.

Volumes 4 and 5 of Mobile Suit Gundam will be releaases on December 4th on dubbed
VHS and DVD.

Mobile Suit Gundam - Desert of Despair (V.4)
Universal Century 0079. As the war between the Federation and the Zeon forces continue
- The Usually level-headed Sayla puts the crew of the White Base in danger as she
desperately attempts to gather information on her brother. Soon after, Amuro overhears
a conversation where Bright expresses his disappointment in Amuro. Upset, Amuro
deserts the ship with the Gundam. Alone in the desert, he soon comes face-to-face
with one of his deadliest opponents yet!

Mobile Suit Gundam - In Love and War (V.5)
Universal Century 0079. The War has taken a turn for the worse for the Federation
Forces. Amuro has been placed in solitary confinement for ignoring orders. But
when Ramba Ral and his men attack the White Base - Sayla's hidden past is soon revealed.
When Bright refuses to release Amuro from solitary, a lone pilot will take matters
into their hands - paying the ultimate sacrifice to save the White Base and the Gundam.

Pilot Candidate volume 2 will be released on 1/8/02
Pilot Candidate - Training (V.2)
Now that they've witnesses a battle firsthand, the training for the Pilot Candidates
begins. Zero and the others are introduced to the Repairer Candidates, who will
serve as their partners. The pilots fly the machines, and the Repair Candidates
keep them in good condition. Zero and his new partner, the cat-eared girl Kizuna,
will have to work together - but how long will this partnership last?

Central Park Media will be releasing The Ping Pong Club: Rots in Hell on DVD on December
11th. Ping Pong Club is a gross out comedy that many describe as being funny, and
"just wrong".

CPM will also be releasing Legend of the Dragon Kings: Under Fire on DVD and VHS
on November 13th. It was previousl published as "Sohryuden: Legends of the Dragon
Kings". The feature follows four brothers with extraordinary powers.

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