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Information abound on the Final Fantasy: Unlimited DVDs. Oh, they also have a plethora of other stuff with the FF:U label on it on it's way to Japanese retail markets. Set your phasers to Chocobo and proceed.

The Final Fantasy: Unlimited DVDs are scheduled to be released in Japan. The DVDs have a bunch of extras to try to entice people who saw the show to buy them. The first DVD Phase.0 Prologue will be released at the end of this month.

The Phase.0 DVD will include:

1. A History of Final Fantasy focusing on the game series.
2. An interview with the Game Designer Akitoshi Kawazu who worked on the original Final Fantasy game.
3. A general discussion with Mahiro Maeda
4. An interview with the music producer, Takayuki Nagasawa
5. An inteview with legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu who wrote the theme song.
6. A picture gallery for FF:U and the upcoming online PS2 game FFXI.

The single layer DVD with Dolby Digital sound will be released January 30th for ¥3,800.

The Phase.1 DVD will have substanially less extras. It will include ops, ends and trailers and a non credit version of the op and end. It will be released on March 6th for ¥ 3,800.

A single for the ending song will be released on February 6th. The CD "Romancing Train" will be avilable for ¥1,200. There a book version of FF:U planned as well. The novel does not have a release date. It will relate to the story told in the TV series, but there is no specific information on how. They also intend to capitalize ont he collectible card game market as well with an FF:U CCG called FF:U Back Up Party. You can check out pictures of the CCG at the Official FF:U Fansite.

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