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Sen To Chihiro on the way?

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
This Yahoo News article suggests that Ghibli's Sen to Chihiro may come to North America sooner than expected.

"I'll be frank. We have a friendly relationship with Disney and the first negotiations are already underway. They are looking at our film" said Toshio Suzuki, Ghibli president and producer of Sen to Chihiro. According to the article Suzuki is confident that Disney would be willing to give Sen To Chihiro the same grand treatment it gave to Mononoke in terms of an English dub, despite the fact that Mononoke was a box office failuer in North America.

It is very worth notting that Disney, Tokuma and Miyazaki himself have made very contadictory statements on the issue of Sen To Chihiro in the past. In some interviews Miyazaki has seemed as if he puts very little importance in Sen being released in North America.

Until a solid statement is made regarding an actual, signed deal between Tokuma and Disney, or another American distributor, it seems prudent not to expect to much.

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