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posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Leiji Matsumoto dealt serious blow

On March 25th Tokyo District Court (the chief justice is INAMURA Toshiaki) released a judgement stating that the author of Space Battleship Yamato is NISHIZAKI Yoshinori (67) . "The Copyright Law rules a person who created a work thoroughly is the author. We admit Nishizaki created the basic form of Yamato. Leiji Matsumoto (64) had only a part in the project."

After being arrested for illegal possession of guns in 1999, Nishizaki released a statement insisting that he is the true author of Yamato. Matsumoto sued Nishizaki demanding him to publish an apology, and Nishizaki also countersued Matsumoto. The author rights to Yamato itself belongs to Tohoku Shinsha in Akasaka, Tokyo.

"I think even one flame of Yamato could not exist without me," stated Matsumoto. "The judgement is an injustice and I will appeal to the High Court."

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