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Fanime Con - Manga Entertainment

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Release dates for multiple titles, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Anime, Read or Die not till next year

Manga Entertainment's Keith Burgess has gone over the announcements made at Fanime with us and added some additional information.

Release Dates:

May 28th
Macross Plus Movie DVD

June 25th
Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Psychic Wars
Vampire Wars

July 30th
Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
Tokyo Revelations

August 27th
Red Hawk
Fist of the North Star TV volumes 1 & 2

September 24th
End of Evangelion

October 29th
Guyver Vol 1
Fist of the North Star volume 3 & 4

November 26th
Guyver Volume 2
Evangelion movie Boxed Set

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is in pre-production and should be out sometime in 2003.

The Macross Plus movie will be subtitled only, a dub would have taken too long to produce and Manga wasnted to release this title as soon as possible.

The announcement of Read or Die was pre-mature. Manga Entertainment does have Read or Die but does not expect to release it until early 2003 and did not want to announce the title until the release date was closer.

The Evangelion movies will be soft subbed, double sided discs, while there can be no art on the "top" of a double sided disc there will be designs on the interior rim. They are trying to include an interview with Hideaki Anno on The End of Evangelion DVD. The boxed set will be released after both movies have come out and will be available individually, possibly for free (for people who bought the DVDs seperately). The design for the boxed set has not been finalized, but they are considering a design that will compliment, but not imitate, ADV's Eva TV series boxed set.

Manga Entertainment has the rights to the first 36 episodes of the Fist of the North Star TV series and an option on the rest of the series. The movie rights however are tied up in legal limbo. If Manga excercises its option on the rest of the TV series (over 100 additional episodes) they would be likely to release it as a sub only boxed set.

Last, but not least, Manga is revamping their Fanclub and renaming it "Manga Nation." They want the new fanclub to be more fan friendly and offer more than the four quarterly newsletters that the current fan club sends out. They plan to make company staff accessible to the fan club members for discussion or questions and are also looking into a discount program that would entitle fan club members to discounts at an (unnamed) online retailer.

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