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Trouble Chocolate licensed, and news about Project ARMS, Spirited Away and...

Viz had a lot to talk about at Fanime, as usual a fair ammount of it was rehashing announcements that had already been made, but the following were among the more important and/or interesting announcements.

The big announcement was that Viz had licensed romantic comedy Trouble Chocolate. Trouble Chocolate is a 20 episode TV series which was broadcast in Japan in late 1999, early 2000. The series follows Cacao, a magic wielding chocolate addict who's magic goes a bit awry when he is high on chocolate and Hinano a fairy that he accidently summons when high on the chocolate.

They also announced a street date for Project Arms, which was first announced at the previous week's Anime Central. The Anime is due out at the end of August while the Manga is expected in September.

Viz has the rights to the 5 volume Spirited Away film comic and the Making of Spirited Away Artbook. The film comic (using original stills from the film for the images) will be released in July, while the Artbook will come out in August.

From the pages of the soon to be discontinued Pulp Manga anthology, Banana Fish will be moved to Animerica Extra, increasing that anthology's page count. As announced last month, Junko Mizuno's Cinderella Chan will be released in Graphic Novel format. Mizuno herself will be tpouching up the art and colorizing it (the Japanese release was BW) and she will be Viz's guest at San Diego Comic Con.

Also arriving in Animerica Extra in September will be the return of Short Program, a collection of unrelated romantic short stories by Mitsuru Adachi. Decidedly human, they deal with the kinks and quirks of love, lust, missed opportunity, fate, and temptation that make life both tragic and comic. One four-page short from the second Short Program graphic novel will be in each issue of Animerica Extra.

Viz will have a limited theatrical release of the live action Uzomaki movie, based on the Manga that appears in Pulp. Uzomaki will be released on home video in September.

And, for all the anxiously waiting fans of Maison Ikkoku, a DVD release is not in the works for this year.

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