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posted on 2002-07-25 12:37 EDT
Viz to release graphic novels, art and coffee table books

Adding to their previously announced movie picture book, Viz has announced that they have acquired the North American rights to release the Sen To Chihiro Graphic Novels and the cofee table art book.

The 5 volume graphic novel series will be released starting with volume 1 this month. The cofee table art book, "The Art of Spirited Away," will be released in September for just under $35. The hardcover book features color stills from the movie as well as sketches, storyboards and illustrations. The Spirited Away Picture Book, available in October for $20, tells the entire movie story in comic book format using stills from the movie as panels.

Excerpt from Press Release:

With full color artwork, Spirited Away, Volumes 1-5 present the entire movie in a manga-like format, with thousands of beautiful stills from the film arranged to read as a comic book, complete with translated dialogue. Each title will be presented in its original Japanese format (reads right-to-left) and feature distinctive Japanese sound effects with a bonus translation in the back. Beginning in July, Viz will release the following Spirited Away print titles:

SPIRITED AWAY, Volume 1 - Mom, Dad and their daughter, Chihiro, are driving on their way to their new home, but when Dad takes a wrong turn, the family becomes lost in a forest. Eventually, they find their way to a strange abandoned amusement park and when Chihiro wanders off, she returns only to find out Mom and Dad have turned into pigs. Frightened as night falls, Chihiro discovers she's in a world inhabited by ghosts, demons and strange gods. A mysterious boy named Haku helps her and tells her that to survive in this world, Chihiro must find work. She must go down to the boiler room and seek out an old man named Kamaji...
$9.95 USA/$16.50 CAN, paperback, 168 color pages

THE ART OF SPIRITED AWAY - A large, hardcover coffee-table book featuring artwork from the renowned animated film, Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Features color stills, sketches, storyboards and illustrations used to envision the rich fantasy world of the film. Also includes extensive production notes and a complete English-language script from the film.
$34.95 USA/$57.95 CAN, paperback, 240 color pages

SPIRITED AWAY PICTURE BOOK - A large, hardbound book for kids that tells the entire story of the hit animated feature film, Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and being distributed this fall by Disney. Generously illustrated by color stills from the film.
$19.95 USA/$32.95 CAN, hardbound, 168 color pages

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