AnimeFringe: August 2002

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Monthly web-zine AnimeFringe returns with a detailed look at Raijin Comics and Shonen Jump, views about Anime Expo and ShoujoCon, lots of new reviews and more!

Excerpted from the Press Release
Animefringe Vol.3 #8 - August 2002

It's the final days of summer and con season is almost at
an end. Animefringe has braved the endless masses of
people at Anime Expo and returned with some rather
unique articles. But, not only that we are also proud to
announce that we are running a CONTEST this month...

The Big Apple Anime Fest and Animefringe have teamed
up to offer 6 of our loyal readers a chance to win one of
5 anime DVDs or a gread prize All Access ticket to BAAF!
Just click through to our main page and follow the link,
but hurry... The Contest ends August 18!

BAAF 2002 Info ----------------------------------------------------
The Big Apple Anime Fest (BAAF) is also known as
the "Cannes Film Festival of the Anime Manga Culture"
and takes place Labor Day weekend, August 30th
through September 2nd. The BAAF events are a mix
of premieres, retrospectives, symposiums, autograph
sessions, dealer booths, and creative panels and will
be held at locations around Times Square, including
The Directors Guild Theater on 57th street [57th St is
no place near Times Square], the Marriott Marquis
Hotel, and the Virgin Megastore. For more information
please visit the Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 web site at

This Month in Animefringe...

- The New Mags on the Block -
The anime industry is at an all-time high and the manga
side of things is finally catching up. Seemingly out of
nowhere sprang three new projects that could very well
prove how much the print side can support. Newtype has
jumped into the North American anime magazine fray and
newcomer GUTSOON! Entertainment has done the
impossible by making a weekly manga anthology a reality.
But, at the same time VIZ has just unveiled the full line-up
of monthly English version the legendary Shonen Jump
magazine. Join us now as we take a look at what makes
each of these new periodicals special.

The Great Anime Expo-dition ~ A Journal
Last month's editorial by our resident content editor, Holly,
told the story of a fangirl's churning excitement over her very
first con. When the time came for her to go to Anime Expo,
we thought it would be really funny… er… we mean,
interesting to make her take along a notebook and keep
a journal of her fantastic voyage.

Anime Expo: Another View
They said lets meet at Anime Expo, it'll be fun they say.
"Road trip," was yelled. I figured, "what the hay," my car is
reliable; my driving endurance is above average. Let's
attend one of the biggest west coast anime conventions.
It's not like any other con you've been to. They were right...

Shoujocon 2002
In the summer convention season dominated by such
large conventions such as Otakon and Anime Expo,
what do small, genre-specific conventions offer? How
about games like the Whack-a-Thon or Bobbing for
Bishonen? Overnight marathons of yaoi? A dealer's
room specializing in shoujo-related merchandise?
More Sailor Moon cosplayers than you could shake
a Moon Rod at? Animefringe takes an in-depth look
at this year's Shoujocon.

Kodocha: Sana's Stage
The shoujo series that most fans swore would never
be brought over has hit the States. Let's see, this
manga has an overactive child actress, a manager
who she refers to as her pimp, an eccentric mother
who has a squirrel living in her head, pitted against
arch-nemesis brat of the classroom. The lives of
sixth graders, I can easily assure, has never been
so interesting, or bizarre.

Tenshi na Konamaiki
Imagine you meet this really cute girl only to learn
she is a real firecracker of a woman that could take
you down a notch or two. But, then get this... What if
that girl actually used to be a guy? Freaky thought,
but one that isn't uncommon to anime. What is fairly
uncommon is the gimmick being the means to
bringing characters closer together. Tenshi na
Konamaiki is just such a show. Megumi Amatsuka
was born a boy, but after saving a magician he
received a book that granted him one wish. He
wanted to become the manliest man in the world
and instead became the manliest woman in the

- Puni Puni Poemi -
We risked our very lives and sanity to bring you an
in-depth look at Puni Puni Poemi, the successor to
Excel Saga. This OVA is crazier, more nonsensical,
and has an higher concentration of pure weirdness
per square second than anything else ever created.
You cannot handle this series. Do not believe you
can handle this series. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Chasing Otakuism - The Great American Misunderstanding?
In present-day America, with its overly-politically correct lobby
groups and conservative advocates, anime finds itself in a
rather sticky situation. Can our beloved Japanese export
weather the storm, or will it fall by the wayside?

The Rest:
Aside from all those features we've also packed with 14 new
anime, manga, CD, and live action review. Plus, we've got all
the other great content you've come to love.

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