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Newtype #1 Table of Contents

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Newtype USA has sent out a promotional PR with details about the table of contents of issue 1

Looking to stir up even more interest in Newtype USA, the ADV/NTUSA PR machine has sent out a press release detailing the contents of Newtype USA's first issue.

Readers may remember "For the Barrel," a serial novel based on Gundam that was printed in Newtype Magazine in 2000. A preview of "For the Barrel" was posted on the now defunct English Newtype website around the same time. "For the Barrel" is based on the Yoshiyuki Tomino's 3 Gundam novels (The novels differ significantly from the Gundam Anime in several key areas.)

Excerpts from the press release:

The COVER STORY analyzes Mobile Suit Gundam Seed-characters, details of opposing armies, political alliances, mecha specs and insight from the director and producer.

FEATURE ARTICLES include coverage of

· Final Fantasy: Unlimited;
· Azumanga Daioh;
· Cyborg 009;
· .hack//SIGN;
· Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex;
· Tenchi Muyo! GXP;
· Lupin the 3rd: Return of Pycal;
· an interview with Voices of a Distant Star creator Makoto Shinkai;
· a hilarious interview with Excel Saga Director Shinichi Watanabe;
· and more!

The ANIME LAND section includes news about upcoming events, monthly sales figures, new releases, and what's on TV in the U.S. and Japan.

FOR THE BARREL: A preview of the acclaimed serial novel (first installment in Issue Two!)


· The manga insert is Full Metal Panic! Installment #2. Installment #1, which was featured in the Newtype USA Preview Issue, is included as a special insert (Preview Issues went fast!).

· RahXephon postcards
· A centerfold of Faye, from Cowboy Bebop
· A DVD insert from Bandai, including an episode of Arjuna.

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