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Top Japanese Tax Payers in Anime and Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Rumiko Takahashi is top earner in Anime / Manga.

Source: Asahi Shimbun

Every year the Japanese National Tax Administration Agency releases a list of the highest income tax payers in Japan. The higher someone's income tax, the higher their actual presumed earnings, however it is possible for a person to have paid more taxes than another person who made more money.

The top ten tax payers in the Entertainment Industry are

1. Soshitsu Sen, the Japanese tea manner master (-)
2. Keita Asari, stage drama director (6)
3. Rumiko Takahashi, Manga-ka (8)
4. Genshitsu Sen, Japanese tea manner master (5)
5. Takemasa Aoyama, Manga-ka (-)
6. Tsunku, Music composer and producer (7)
7. kimimaro Ayanokoji (-)
8. Yasushi Akimoto, Lyric writer (9)
9. Takeshi Konomi , Manga-ka (10)
10. Joe Hisaishi (-)

The number in brackets is their position in this category last year.

In 2002 Manga information magazine Comic Fan published a list of the top tax payers among Manga-ka at the time and their estimated annual income. Rumiko Takahashi was then, as she is now, the highest taxed Manga-ka in Japan, with an estimated income of 616 million yen in 2001. In 2003 Takahashi paid 171 million yen in taxes, down from the 225 million she paid in 2001. It can be estimated that she earned approximately 450 million yen in 2003.

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