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New Movies, Lorelei and One Piece, Push Howl Down

Three new movies premiered this week above Howl's Moving Castle at the Japanese Box office. Lorelei, Shark Tale and One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island premiered this week pushing Phantom of the Opera and Howl's Moving Castle down three positions.

Based on a novel by Harutoshi Fukui, Lorelei-the Witch of the Pacific Ocean is a live-action movie set during World War II. In Lorelai a Japanese submarine crew save Tokyo from a nuclear attack just before the end of the war. Fukui cites Yoshiyuki Tomino, who shows up for a cameo in the movie, as a major influence on his writing. In addition to Tomino, Mamoru Oshii provided the design for the "B29 Mark," Yutaka Izubuchi designed the watertight clothing and Hideaki Anno collaborated on the storyboards.

In an interview with the Japan Times (in English) Chihiro Kameyama, the producer of Lorelei (also the producer of the very popular Baysude Shakedown movies), referred to the movie as manga-esque when comparing it to other submarine movies.

This Week Last Week Title Country Week#
1 N/A Lolelei Japan 1
2 N/A Shark Tale USA 1
3 N/A One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island Japan 1
4 1 The Phantom of the Opera USA 6
5 2 Howl's Moving Castle Japan 16
6 5 The Notebook USA 5
7 4 The Bourne Supremacy USA 4
8 3 Ocean's Twelve USA 7
9 8 Alexander USA 5
10 N/A New Police Story China 1

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