Fanfare/Ponent Mon To Be Distributed to North American Bookstores

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Fanfare / Ponent Mon has signed a distribution deal with Biblio Book Distributors that will see their "Nouvelle Manga" distributed in North America.

Their manga have already been available to specialty shops through Diamond Distributors, but the new distribution deal will make them available in major retail outlets such as Waldenbooks.

Fanfare and Ponent Mon, originally two separate companies, focus on the "Nouvelle Manga" movement of literary manga. The term "Nouvelle Manga" was coined by Frédéric Boilet a French expatriate living and working in Japan.

The two companies license titles in English and Spanish, with Fanfare focusing on the English adaptations and releases, and Ponent Mon handling the Spanish versions. Not all titles are released in each language, often due to licensing considerations, but Stephen Robson of Fanfare explains that discussions always start with, "Yes we are interested in both." Their English language licenses are released almost simultaneously in North America and the UK.

Currently Fanfare has 7 English titles already published, which have been distributed in North America by Diamond since July 2004 and six of which are now being made available by Biblio. Their first title, Boilet's Yukiko's Spinach (with Kan Takahama), is expected to be re-released later this year.

The six titles currently available are The Times of Botchan (volume 1), by Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa; The Walking Man, by Jiro Taniguchi; Blue, by Nananan Kiriko; Doing Time, by Kazuichi Hanawa; Mariko Parade, by Kan Takahama and Frédéric Boilet and Kinderbook by Kan Takahama.

They are currently working on subsequent volumes of The Times of Botchan (volume 2 is just coming out, subsequent volumes are expected every 3 months), an anthology called Japan and A Patch Of Dreams by Osa Hideji.

They expect to release six to eight volumes total a year in English.

Descriptions of their already available, and upcoming manga are available from their website here.

Errata: Please note that Yukiko's Spinach was not created with Takahama, ANN regrets this error.

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