Viz's Sublime Adds Manga by Yaya Sakuragi, Makoto Tateno (Updated)

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Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love in print in August, How's Your Ex? in digital form in April

Sublime, the new boys-love imprint of the North American manga publisher Viz Media, announced on Tuesday that it has licensed two manga titles: Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love by Yaya Sakuragi, and How's Your Ex? by Makoto Tateno. Sublime gives the following plot descriptions:

Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love (Yume Musubi Koi Musubi)
Yaya Sakuragi

High school student Ao has had a wet dream about longtime neighbor and Shinto priest, Ryomei. He's taken aback and excited by this dream, and starts to consider the joys of a relationship with another man. Ao approaches Ryomei in the hopes of making his dream a reality, but is flatly refused. Not one to give up easily, Ao persists until he finally gets his kiss. But will this horny high schooler really be satisfied with a simple kiss? Bonus story included!

The manga originally ran in Kadokawa Shoten's Asuka Ciel magazine, and Kadokawa Shoten published the fourth volume last May. Sublime will release the book in print form only, starting in August with new volumes shipping quarterly. Sublime noted that the company currently does not have digital rights to the title, but it is looking to obtain them in the future.

How's Your Ex? (Wakareta Otoko wa Ikaga Desu ka?)
Makoto Tateno

It took forever for Yoji to get over his ex-boyfriend and former colleague, Tomoe, who suddenly quit the company and dumped him at the same time. But with the merger of their rival companies, Yoji finds himself having to work with Tomoe once again. When Tomoe speaks and touches him as he used to, familiar feelings begin to stir.

The manga originally ran in Libre Publishing's Magazine BExBOY in 2010, and Libre published one book volume a year later. Sublime will release the one-volume manga in digital form only in April.

Update: Story descriptions corrected. Thanks, RestlessOne.

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