Studio You Cancels Kuroko's Basketball Dōjinshi Event in Tokyo

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Company asks 4 other dōjinshi events in July to not sell Kuroko's Basketball goods

Studio You, the company that organizes various dōjinshi events including the "Shadow Trickster" Kuroko's Basketball-themed events, announced on Tuesday that it is cancelling another Kuroko's Basketball-themed event, the "Ace-sama Issho! Na no da yo" event that would have focused on the students at the Shūtoku High School in the series. The event was scheduled to be held at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center event hall on July 7.

The organizers of the event mentioned the ongoing threat letter incidents as an influence in the cancellation, but did not specifically state that the Tokyo Ryutsu Center or any other company related to this event had received a new threat letter. Studio You apologized for the cancellation and is fully refunding all participants and circles. The company said it will continue to look for a venue to cooperate with and will work to reschedule the event.

Studio You is also hosting four other themed dōjinshi events at the same event hall on July 7: the Hetalia-themed "Hamburger ni Fish & Chips" event, the K-themed "KENKAppuru" event, the Uta no Prince Sama-themed "Makoto ni Renai Chu" event, and the Psycho-Pass-themed "Renai Keisū=Sokutei Funō" event. Studio You has asked circles attending those events to show self-restraint and not sell Kuroko's Basketball dōjinshi or goods.


Since October, locations linked to Kuroko's Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki have received threat letters with powdered and liquid substances. A source in the investigation of the threats said there is a high possibility that the liquid sent to Sophia University (Fujimaki's alma mater) on October 12 could emit a lethal dose of hydrogen sulfide if vaporized.

Several Kuroko's Basketball dōjinshi events throughout Japan have been cancelled in the aftermath of the threats. The "Shadow Trickster 3" event did proceed without incident at the Big Sight on October 20, shortly after the center received its first threat. However, the official "Kuroko no Basuke produced by Namco Namja Town" event in Tokyo ended 19 days early as a result of the threats, and Animate Café Tennoji in Osaka cancelled a planned Kuroko's Basketball collaboration event. Comic Market (Comiket), the world's largest dōjinshi event, barred Kuroko's Basketball items and circles in December.

In February, the organizers of the Comic City dōjinshi events barred circles from selling Kuroko's Basketball items at March 17's Haru Comic City 18 event, after they received a request to do so from the management of the Tokyo Big Sight event complex. The same organizers had barred Kuroko's Basketball from the Comic City Osaka 92 event on January 6, and then cancelled February 10's Double Clutch event outright. However, they held the Comic City Tokyo 131 event at Tokyo Big Sight and insisted on allowing Kuroko's Basketball circles. Comic City Tokyo 131 proceeded without incident on January 27.

The Tokyo Big Sight convention center noted in April that it might allow Kuroko's Basketball-related events starting in May "if there is no change in the situation" and if event organizers "have in-depth discussions with the authorities to ensure the safety of all attendees."

Two "Shadow Tricksters" events dedicated to Kuroko's Basketball were cancelled in April after their event halls received threats. The Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported that the threat letters had stopped at the beginning of 2013, but a new string of letters were sent in April. The newspaper also reported that more than 110 places have now received threat letters since the threats began last October. Most recently, the Comic City Osaka 94 dōjinshi event banned Kuroko's Basketball circles from participating in the event earlier this month.

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