Madman Entertainment Acquires Kill La Kill

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Australian anime distributor to stream Kill la Kill simulcast with the Japanese broadcast day and date.

The announcement was made today on Madman's website and social networks. Madman will simulcast Kill La Kill alongside the Japanese broadcast (day and date) from the 3rd of October 2013 on the Madman Screening Room after acquiring the rights to online broadcast and home video release in Australia and New Zealand from Aniplex of America.

Kill La Kill

Ryūko Matoi (Ami Koshimizu) is looking for her father's killer, when Ryūko's search brings her to Honnōji Academy, a high school controlled by student council president Satsuki Kiryūin (voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki) she is forced to start an upheaval to get the answers she wants. Satsuki is rumoured to know the identity of the murderer that Ryūko is searching for but when she tries to beat the truth out of Satsuki all Ryūko receives is a crushing defeat. To find the truth and liberate Honnōji Academy from Satsuki's iron grip Ryūko must now team up with a possessed school uniform named Senketsu and work her way through Satsuki's four "divine kings" which are Public Morals Club committee chair Ira Gamagōri (Tetsu Inada), Exercise Club control committee chair Uzu Sanageyama (Nobuyuki Hiyama), Intelligence Strategy Club committee chair Hōka Inumuta (Hiroyuki Yoshino), and Culture Club control committee chair Nonon Jakuzure (Mayumi Shintani).

Below is the Aniplex of America English subtitled trailer for Kill La Kill.

Kill La Kill is an original anime from Studio Trigger (Little Witch Academia) that will premiere on MBS Tv in Japan on the 3rd of October. Studio Trigger consists of several staff from Gurren Lagann including director Hiroyuki Imaishi (Dead Leaves, Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt), series script supervisor/writer Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann, Nodame Cantabile: Finale, Re: Cutie Honey) and character designer Sushio (key animator/animation director on Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt).

Akira Amemiya is serving as assistant director, and Shigeto Koyama is directing the art with set designer Yoh Yoshinari. Hiromi Wakabayashi is credited as "creative officer," and Hiroyuki Sawanois scoring the soundtrack. Miku Sawai contributed the ending theme song "Gomen ne, Ii Ko Ja Irarenai." Aniplex of America previously revealed in August that it has licensed the series for release on home video and simulcast online streaming.

Also a manga adaptation of Kill La Kill is due to start in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace on the 4th of October 2013 with Ryou Akizuki (Asura Cryin', Uchuu no Stellvia) drawing the manga.

If you would like a full run-down on Kill La Kill's characters, art designs, names and story please click here.

You can view Madman's press release here.

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