Sword Art Online Plus Reissued Persona 4 The Animation Released Monday

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Second Sword Art Online volume carries parts 8 to 14; also, re-release of all three volumes of P4 in separate Blu-ray and DVD editions.

On Monday January 27, Manga Entertainment will release the second volume of the fantasy series Sword Art Online on both Blu-ray (pictured) and DVD. The set carries parts 8 to 14 of the series, and is the second of four volumes. (Volume 3 will follow on February 24.) From the fetch publicity page:

It's been 2 years since the players of Sword Art Online have been trapped in this life-or-death adventure. As Kirito and Asuna get closer, Asuna starts to want distance from the Knights of the Blood, but her wish does not come easy. Kirito challenges Heathcliff to a duel to win Asuna's freedom but is no match for him and Kirito ends up joining the Knights of the Blood himself. The Assault Team launches an attack on the 75th floor boss, but they find the Skull Reaper to be an extremely tough foe! Meanwhile, Kirito begins to feel suspicious of Heathcliff's actions…

Manga is also reissuing the fantasy/mystery series Persona 4: The Animation, about a group of youngsters drawn into a misty world through a TV screen. All three volumes of the series are being re-released on the same day, but in separate Blu-ray and DVD editions (not combi packs like the earlier release of the series.) Each DVD volume will contain two DVDs each; each Blu-ray volume will contain one Blu-ray disc each.

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