Compile Heart's Trillion Game Trailer Streamed

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
RPG about demon king and mysterious girl to ship in Japan this year

The official website for Compile Heart's Makaigami Trillion game began streaming a promotional video on Wednesday. The "commit thoughts on the verge of death role-playing game" is slated to ship in Japan this year.

The video's text introduces the scenario:

The Netherworld... The land in which monsters who fight against angels live. Under the rule of the demon king, the Netherworld gained order. However, that world is now...Being eaten up... The battle against the evil god with the destiny of the of the Netherworld on the line is beginning now...The feelings received will become the power to defeat an evil god.

The characters and voice cast include:

The great demon king, who has lost his life to the hands of an evil god: Zeabolos (voiced by Shō Kawaguchi)
The mysterious girl he contracted with and came back to life: Faust (Yoko Hikasa)
The six demon kings who tie their feelings together:
Ruche - Pride (Ayane Sakura)
Levia - Jealousy (Asami Imai)
Fegor - Sloth (Rui Tanabe)
Mammon - Greed (Saki Onishi)
Perpell - Gluttony (Mai Fuchigami)
Ashmedia - Lust (Natsue Sasamoto)

Masahiro Yamamoto (Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten) is directing the game, and Naname Dakei is designing characters. Tenpei Sato (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Phantom Brave) is composing the game's music.

Those who pre-order the game will receive a special art book. The limited edition will bundle a soundtrack and seven-volume short book collection.

Game developer Compile Heart unveiled its Makai Ichibankan brand last month. The brand is for "creators of the demon world aiming for the best games in the demon world."

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