Toshiba's Double Circle Anime's 3rd Episode Streamed

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Collaboration anime between Toshiba, city of Kawasaki features English subtitles

Japanese electronics corporation Toshiba began streaming the third episode of its Double Circle net anime series on Tuesday. The English-subtitled episode is titled "DNA and GPS."

(Note: English subtitles for the video are viewable as a caption option)

Toshiba is collaborating with the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture to create the series. The meaning of the title Double Circle is a reference to the infinity symbol and the community that "evolves infinitely by the energy and ICT [information and communication technology] in the smart community project."

The story centers on the residents of Kawasaki who incorporate the ideas of "energy, environment, and activation of the regional economy using ICT."

Kinako (Gatchaman Crowds) is handling the anime's character design, and Michael Karawata is designing the costumes.

The series will consist of six 5-6 minute episodes, and the second episode, titled "Power and Energy -- Part 2," was released January 24. Toshiba streamed the first episode, "Power and Energy -- Part 1," in December and a promotional video in November.

(Note: English subtitles for the video are viewable as a caption option)

The cast is as follows:

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Asagi, a serious government employee who works on the “Make a Smart Town Project” at the Kawasaki City ward office. However, rather than being elite, he is the type of person who sweats a lot. He is at the age where he can understand both the dreams of young people and the reality of adults, so he wants to create a good environment in the town by doing maintenance on parks and plots of green land. He always works his hardest to make people happy. After transforming, he has the ability to use water and ice attacks.

Asami Seto as Akane, an 24-year-old engineer who works at the Toshiba Community Center. She has confidence in her stamina, and is a tough woman who works reckless overtime with a cool face. Her hobby in front of others is motorcycle-riding, but in fact, she loves cute things to death. If she lets her guard down, it seems as if the girliness she keeps bottled up will explode. After she transforms, she has the skills to attack with wind.

Daisuke Namikawa as Emu, a 32-year-old foreigner who lives in a boat house. He speaks in rigid Japanese, and has traveled around the entire world carrying lumber on a large ship, but finally decided to stay in Japan. After he transforms, he has the powers of the earth.

Chiwa Saito as Nanoha, an IT child prodigy. After she transforms, she has the power of the sun.

Yui Horie as Tama-chan, a 13-year-old who may have come from outer space.

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