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School of Monsters Flash Anime's 2nd Episode Streamed

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Anime based on manga about a wolf girl by Senyū.'s Robinson Haruhara

Shueisha's Shonen Jump magazine began streaming the second and final episode of the Flash anime adaptation of Robinson Haruhara's Gakumon! ~Ōkami Shōjo wa Kujikenai~ (School of Monsters! Wolf Girl Won't Give Up) manga on Friday. The first episode began streaming on April 25.

At the School of Monsters, Juzu (Hiro Shimono) pesters Shushu (Yumi Uchiyama) to go to class with him, to which she tells him to shut up, and that he's being way too friendly after they only played catch together. When he gets depressed, she tells him she was joking, so he is relieved and picks up where he left off. She reminds him that he needs to keep her secret that she's a girl, and asks him to be a little more quiet so she won't stand out and have her identity found out. Even though he says to leave it to him, she comments that she is very nervous.

Juzu says he hopes they're in the same class, but she says they won't be because he's always in the class five, which has all the problem children, and she got a 98 on the entrance exam. At the entrance ceremony, they do both end up in class five, and she suspects Juzu's involvement.

The first year class five teacher Kiisa Fraiger (Shūichi Tatsunami) introduces himself... alone behind the school. He gets excited that he has a good introduction to use on students, one that's going to make the girls scream. He talks about wanting to be popular with the ladies with his stuffed bear "Bear-tan" Shushu accidentally finds him, so he lights dynamite in his mouth. Juzu shows up to go to class with Shushu. When Fraiger finds out Shushu's in his class, he tells her to forget what she saw and be careful of her grades. He also finds out she's the famous friend of Juzu. He comments that he thought she was a female due to her muscles, and he's disappointed she's not. He fantasizes about how, when he was a student, he used to admire how kids used to gather around their teachers, and he wanted to be one to make the girls scream. Juzu starts pestering Shushu to go to class, so she tells him to lead the way.

Fraiger is surprised Juzu is going to class and Shushu asks about it. He explains that, since Juzu is the son of the king of monsters, both students and teachers are afraid of him, so he didn't go to class. Shushu asks him if he's also afraid of Juzu and he responds that yes, he definitely is. As a homeroom teacher, though, he wants everyone in his class to have fun. Shushu tells him to call him "Juzu" instead of by his title. Then, the dynamite goes off, and they have to have a substitute on their first day because Fraiger is in the hospital.

Kenshirō Morii (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere web videos) is directing the anime at Studio Moriken (Attack on Titan Chimi Chara Gekijō). Sōshi Iguchi is designing the characters, and Shintarō Mori (Love Live! School idol project opening "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de") is composing the music.

Haruhara just launched the manga in the May issue of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine.

Haruhara's Senyū. comedy manga also inspired an anime last year.

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