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posted on by Andrew Osmond
DVD collector's edition sold out, upcoming packaging pictured.

Anime Limited posted the following message on the All the Anime website.

Some of our more eagle-eyed fans may have spotted that Cowboy Bebop DVD Collector's Edition has seemingly disappeared from stock on Amazon so we figured it was time to update people on what's going on there. Quite simply – we're fresh out of stock!

As the parts are pretty expensive this means it's time to move to different packaging on it!

So this leaves us with the remaining configuration:


Complete boxset (6 discs | Plastic case | Reversible cover) for £34.99 SRP [pictured right; Amazon UK gives a release date of June 2.]

Some of the Collector's Edition are still kicking around retailers like MVM UK, UP1 and our own shop though if you're looking for it!


1. Collectors Parts 1 & 2: £39.99 SRP each = £79.98 TOTAL

2. Complete collection (4 discs inc corrected masters | Plastic case | Reversible cover): £49.99 SRP [Amazon UK gives a release date of June 23. As of writing, the link on the All the Anime page is actually to the DVD collection, not the blu-ray.]

Packshot going to approval now so we'll link when it's ready to go and we'll have a replacement disc survey live for the relevant discs shortly!

Replacement Blu-ray discs for the Collector's Edition:

As promised, these will be made available when the complete collection (amaray edition) is released. We're working on setting up a form for those who are looking for replacements. Once this is ready and available, we'll post an update and tell you how to go about getting them.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the sf/action series follows the adventures of the bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, along with his Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed and the intelligent Welsh Corgi Ein.

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