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Funimation Announces Cast for Gender-Bending Hetalia OVA

posted on by Karen Ressler
Brina Palencia, Terri Doty star as Italy, Germany

FUNimation Entertainment announced more new cast members on Monday for its English dub of Hetalia The Beautiful World. The characters, which are genderbent versions of the usual cast, will appear in one of five original video anime (OVA) episodes that Funimation will include in its DVD release of the series on July 22:

Brina Palencia as Fem!Italy

Terri Doty as Fem!Germany

Alexis Tipton as Fem!Japan

Luci Christian as Fem!America

Monica Rial as Fem!Britain

Kara Edwards as Fem!Russia

Stephanie Young as Fem!France

Clarine Harp as Fem!China

Luci Christian as Fem!Canada

Ryan Reynolds as Fem!Latvia

Anastasia Munoz as Fem!Prussia

Funimation streamed Hetalia The Beautiful World as it aired beginning January 2013. The OVAs are unaired episodes that bundled with the Japanese DVD releases.

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