MIFF to premiere Patema Inverted with Yasuhiro Yoshiura

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Hanabee licenses Patema Inverted and Yasuhiro Yoshiura to attend Australian premiere as honorable guest.

Hanabee announced that they have licensed Patema Inverted and they would be holding an Australian premiere of the film as part of the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival via press release and facebook.

Patema Inverted is part of the Official Selection for 2014 and will be screened as part of MIFF's newly announced Next Gen program that aims to encourage a new generation of viewers, a better description comes from the press release;

Next Gen is an initiative to enrich the cinema experience for younger viewers, where films are selected for their diversity, innovation and high quality, as well as for being relevant and accessible to audiences of all ages.

MIFF 2014 runs from the 31st of July to the 17th of August and screening times will be announced in early July with public sales opening on Friday the 11th of July 2014. You can find more information about the festival at

Alongside the Australian premiere of Patema Inverted, Hanabee Entertainment has announced that the film's director and writer, Yasuhiro Yoshiura will be attending the premiere as an honorable guest. While no there are no confirmed dates for when that event will occur, ANN will report on the dates as soon as they are finalised.

Patema Inverted

Spending her entire life living in a endless underground world of tunnels and shafts, Patema enjoys exploring the untold depths of her world, everywhere but the forbidden "danger zone". However Patema's curiosity gets the better of her and despite her caretaker's best wishes she ventures forth into the zone and finds a young boy, Eiji, standing on the ceiling. It turns out that Eiji is from another world and together they will discover a secret that will turn their respective worlds upside down.

Originally a four-part 7-minute ONA series called Patema Inverted: Beginning of the Day, a theatrical adaptation was announced on Christmas Day 2012. Yasuhiro Yoshiura went onto create the screenplay and direct the adaptation at Purple Cow Studio Japan. The film won both the Judge's award and the audience award at Edinburgh's Scotland Loves Animation festival in October 2013 and following on from their theatrical release, UK licensee Anime Limited has been running a Kickstarter to fund the "Patema Inverted - Ultimate Edition". GKids has licensed Patema Inverted for North America.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura

"An enthusiastic participant in all phases of the production process, Mr.Yoshiura heralds the arrival of the next zeitgeist in anime." - Hanabee

Yasuhiro Yoshiura graduated from the Kyushu University of Design in 2003, moved to Tokyo and wrote and directed Pale Cocoon, a 23 minute science fiction OVA set in a post apocalyptic world. After completing Pale Cocoon Yasuhiro went onto create Time of Eve, a six episode ONA series that was streamed on Yahoo! Japan in August 2008. He continued on with Time on Eve, adapting the series into a theatrical film that was released in August 2010. Yasuhiro has also contributed designs to Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. His latest project is directing the 2014 Anime Mirai project Harmonie at Ultra Super Pictures.

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