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Heavy Object Video Previews Anime by A Certain Magical Index Author

posted on by Egan Loo
Kazama Kamachi pens sci-fi war action story

Dengeki streamed the promotional video that announced the Heavy Object television anime at the Dengeki Bunko Aki no Saiten (Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival) event on Sunday. The video introduces the sci-fi war action story by Kazuma Kamachi (A Certain Magical Index) and the three main characters:

Text: In the end, war did not end.
Even in an age when the people of Earth had improved techology so much that they could build a colony on the surface of the moon, the chasms between people's hearts did not heal.
However, there was a change.
There was even a change in those who became obsessed with constant killing
The use of soldiers became a thing of the past, and the fight to steal each other's lands are decided by "Green Wars."
The synonym for war in that kind of a world...
Its name is...
Heivia: They said it's a full battle, but there's not a single soldier. Are they not going to give us the freebie of playing music loud or anything?
Quenser: Heivia. You just got told that the penalty for ignoring orders is getting your lunch cut in size. Just shut up.
Heivia: Hmph! You're still the same hard-headed frontline soldier, huh? Hm? Hey! Didn't something move out over there?
Quenser: The Alaska battlegrounds... If we're talking about here, then it must be...
Heivia & Quenser: A WILD DEER! Let's kill it, cook it, and eat it!!
Commander: Hey kids. You sure have guts ignoring your post to chit-chat.
Heivia & Quenser: Huh!?
Commander: Looks like she's here.
Milinda: Yahoo. I've finally arrived at the battlefield I've always loved.
Heivia & Quenser: Heavy Object

The story revolves around Objects — powerful, massive weapons that change the course of warfare — and Elite Object pilots. An odd Elite girl named Milinda meets Quenser, a student who aims to become a Object mechanic, with the soldier-in-training Heivia on a snowy battlefield.

The cast will include:

Kamachi's light novel series with Nagi's illustrations inspired a manga by Shinsuke Inue, the Heavy Object S manga by Sakae Saitō, and an upcoming third manga.

Source: Degenki

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