Tsukiuta CDs About Anthropomorphized Months Gets TV Anime

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12 months anthropomorphized as male idol units & student goddesses

A television anime adaptation of Tsukiuta, a music and original drama CD series about anthropomorphized months, has been green-lit. The announcement came during the Tsukiuta stage event at Animate Girls Festival 2014 this weekend.

Tsukiuta has two versions — a male version and a female version. The male version centers around the Tokyo idol unit Six Gravity (composed of characters representing December to May) and the sibling rival unit Procellarum (composed of idols born in Western Japan and representing June to November).

Unlike the male version which is set in modern Japan, the female version is set on another world. The people of this world live in a separate dimension from people of Earth. However, they manage and guide the spiritual energy of Earth people, thus converting it into life energy and maintaining a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity between the two worlds. The women of this world are known by many on Earth as "goddesses." The six characters (representing December to May) are students at a school that gathers talented individuals striving to become goddesses.

Six Gravity (with voices listed):

Yuuki Kaji

Kousuke Toriumi

Toshiki Masuda

Tomoaki Maeno

Yoshimasa Hosoya



Shouta Aoi

Wataru Hatano

Tetsuya Kakihara

Takashi Kondo

Kensho Ono

Ryohei Kimura

Student goddesses:

Hisako Kanemoto

Asami Imai


Rumi Ookubo

Ai Nonaka

Yumi Uchiyama

The franchise already inspired vocal music CDs, duet CDs, drama CDs, a DVD of a fan festival with the cast, and an artbook. This weekend's stage event announced that there will be a Tsukiuta. Spring Fan Festival! mini event in Tokyo, as well as a "3rd Season" CD series which will launch next June with bundled anime short music videos.

Source: via Nijimen

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