Discotek Licenses Gokudo, Koi Koi Seven Anime

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Releases slated for September

Discotek Media announced on its Facebook page on Monday that it has licensed the Gokudo and Koi Koi Seven television anime. The company also announced release dates for some of its previously announced titles: Tekkaman Blade II is slated for release on Blu-ray Disc on September 27, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is slated for release on Blu-Disc in September, the Hana Yori Dango anime series and movie are slated for release together in October, and the US Street Fighter II animated series is slated for September 27.

Discotek will release the complete Gokudo series on September 27. Media Blasters previously released the 1999 series on DVD and VHS with an English dub. The story follows an adventurer named Gokudo who seeks all the money and beautiful girls in the world.

Koi Koi Seven will ship on DVD in September. The story in the 2005 anime (and the original 2003 manga by Hanaukyo Maid Team creator Morishige) revolves around Tetsuro, a boy who just enrolled in an otherwise all-girls high school. He finds himself caught in the nearly daily battles among the student body with helicopters, bazookas, beam sabers, and more bizarre weapons. However, Koi Koi Seven, a school faction that includes a girl with a longtime crush on him, has vowed to protect him. The Joost video-streaming service and the Anime Network both streamed the anime with English subtitles in 2009.

Discotek will announce more licenses at Otakon from August 12-14.

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