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AnimeLab Summer Simulcast Season Titles Announced

posted on by Jon Hayward

Following up with the initial announcement of Love Live!! Sunshine last month, AnimeLab has (as of the writing of this article) finalised the Summer Simulcast Lineup. This brings the total to 12 different anime series, you can find the complete current simulcast list here on AnimeLab. Details for the new shows are as follows;

  • D.Gray-Man Hallow - Tuesdays [Watch Now].
  • Tales of Zestiria the X - Mondays [Watch Now].
  • First Love Monster - Sundays [Watch Now].
  • Servamp - Wednesdays [Watch Now].
  • Scared Rider Xechs (SRX) - Wednesdays [Watch Now].
  • Cheer Boys!! - Wednesdays [Watch Now].
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Despair Arc - Fridays [Watch Now].
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Future Arc - Tuesdays [Watch Now].
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - Mondays [Watch Now].
  • Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars - Fridays [Watch Now].
  • Time Travel Girl - Saturdays [Watch Now].

D.Gray-man PROJECT

D.Gray-man Hallow

Allen Walker is an exorcist working for the Black Order whose mission is to protect mankind from the evil Millennium Earl and his deadly Akuma. Allen and his comrades must recover lost Innocence while defending against the Earl's terrifying army. But if they fail, Innocence will be lost forever.

Yoshiharu Ashino (Tweeny Witches, Cross Ange, First Squad) is directing the anime at TMS Entertainment, with scripts by Michiko Yokote (Shirobako, Prison School, Dagashi Kashi), Tatsuto Higuchi (My-Otome, Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Schwarzes Marken), and Kenichi Yamashita (Koutetsu Sangokushi, Ishida and Asakura, Actually, I Am…). Yousuke Kabashima (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, Lord Marksman and Vanadis) is adapting the character designs for animation, and is also serving as chief animation director. Yasuhiro Moriki (Ninja Robots, Crest of the Stars, Bakuon!!) is credited for design. Kaoru Wada is returning from the previous D.Gray-man anime to compose the music.

Mashiro Ayano (Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works) will perform the ending theme song "Lotus Pain."

D.Gray-man Hallow premiered on the 4th of July on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and TV Aichi. The series will run for 13 episodes and Funimation are simulcasting the series in the United States.

You can watch D.Gray-Man Hallow on AnimeLab right now, new episodes will be added on Tuesdays.


Tales of Zestiria the X

Legends speak of the Shepherd, a savior who will bring peace to the seraphim and human worlds. Sorey has spent his life studying ancient books and exploring ruins to learn more about the legendary savior. When he and his seraphim companion Mikleo encounter a mysterious girl in the ruins, the stories of the Shepherd become Sorey's reality. Is he strong enough to become the “Shepherd” and cast away calamity from the world?

Haruo Sotozaki (Tales of Zestiria: Dōshi no Yoake, Tales of Symphonia the Animation) is directing the series at ufotable, and ufotable is also writing the script. Akira Matsushima (Tales of Symphonia the Animation, Tales of Zestiria: Dōshi no Yoake) is adapting the character designs from Mutsumi Inomata, Kousuke Fujishima, Daigo Okumura, and Minoru Iwamoto for animation, and Motoi Sakuraba and Gō Shiina are composing the music. FLOW will perform the opening theme, and fhána will perform the ending theme.

Tales of Zestiria the X premiered on Tokyo MX on July 3 followed by airing on Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, and BS11 on the 5th of July. The is streamed on Funimation in the United States and Daisuki.

ANN's Preview Guide has their collective thoughts on the first episode available here and you can make up your own mind by watching Tales of Zestiria the X on AnimeLab now. New episodes will be added on Mondays.

©Akira Hiyoshimaru
Production Committee.

First Love Monster (Hatsukoi Monster)

High schooler Kaho Nikaido is having trouble adjusting to her new life in Tokyo. It doesn't get any easier when she is nearly hit by a truck and saved by the handsome Kanade Takahashi! Infatuated with Kanade, she works up the courage to confess. But he warns that if Kaho learns who he is, she won't want him. What could possibly keep her from this stud? Maybe the fact he's a…fifth grader?!

Takayuki Inagaki (Rosario + Vampire, Sky Wizards Academy) is directing the anime at Studio DEEN, and Mariko Oka (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Hell Girl) is designing the characters.

The series premiered on July 2 on AT-X and it will also air on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and BS11. Funimation is streaming the series in North America.

First Love Monster was originally created by Akira Hiyoshimaru and launched in Kodansha's ARIA in March 2013, the sixth compiled volume was released in Japan on the 13th of May this year. Yen Press is releasing the manga in North America.

You can read ANN's preview guide on here and watch the show right now on AnimeLab.

© TanakaStrike


Mahiru Shirota prefers to live a simple life, but after a black cat named Kuro crosses his path his life quickly becomes more difficult than Mahiru would like! Kuro is a servant vampire (servamp) names Sleepy Ash and the pair soon become embroiled in a ancient surreal conflict between vampires and humans.

The production reunites the main staff and studio of the Aoharu x Machinegunanime. Itto Sara, who served in a supervisory position in Aoharu x Machinegun, now serves as chief director. Hideaki Nakano is directing the anime at Brains Base. Kenji Konuta is in charge of series composition, and Junko Yamanaka is designing the characters for animation.

OLDCODEX (Kuroko's Basketball, Free!) performs the opening theme song "Deal with." and Takuma Terashima performs the ending theme song "sunlight avenue."

Servamp is adapted from Strike Tanaka's manga serialisation of the same namp. Tanaka started the work in Media Factory's shōjo manga magazine Monthly Comic Gene in 2011 and the series has since been collected into nine volumes. Seven Seas publishes the manga in North America and they will publish the seventh volume in September.

Funimation is streaming the series in North America and has just announced the cast for their broadcast dub.

If you would like to read the thoughts of the ANN team on Servamp, you can do so here and you can watch the series on Animelab right now.

© 2016 RED/Rejet/STORY RIDERS,
Licensed by Funimation®
Productions, Ltd.
All Rights Reserved.

Scared Rider Xechs

The Blue World, a world symbolizing reason, is under attack by fierce creatures known as the Nightfly O'Note sent from the Red World, a world symbolizing instinct. Elected to lead the Blue World, 17-year-old researcher Akira Asagi will take charge of the combat unit “IS”. These six riders, also called the Scared Rider Xechs, will fight at the Ryuukyuu LAG to protect their world and each other.

Based on Rejet and Red Entertainment's Scared Rider Xechs otome (romance adventure) game of the same name, Scared Rider Xechs (SRX) is being directed by Hideto Komori at Satelight. StoryRiders' Naruki Nagakawa is supervising and writing the series scripts. Additionally, Jun Kumagai (Persona 3 the Movie series, Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū, Psycho-Pass 2) and Naohiro Fukushima (Eden of the East, EUREKA SEVEN AO) are also writing the scripts. Koji Haneda is adapting the game's original character designs by pako, and is also credited as chief animation director.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Mamoru Miyano are perform the duet opening theme song "Ao to Kurenai no Forzato." Chiyomaru Shikura wrote the lyrics and composed the song. KENN performs the ending theme song "old revelation." Jun Okamoto wrote the lyrics and Urara Takai is composed the song.

The series premiered in Japan on July 6 and Funimation is also streaming the series in North America.

You can read the ANN Preview Guide's thoughts on the first episodes here and you can watch the first few episodes on AnimeLab right now.

© Ryo Asai/SHUEISHA,

Cheer Boys!!

Disheartened with judo, college student Haruki Bando was invited by his childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto to create "BREAKERS", an unprecedented boys' cheerleading team. Those that came to join all were very characteristic in nature: argumentative Mizoguchi, voracious Ton, frivolous Kansai boys Gen and Ichiro, and Sho who has cheerleading experience. Can this squad of slightly odd and cute members make a breakthrough in college athletics?

Adapted from Ryō Asai's original novel, Cheer Boys!! is being directed by Ai Yoshimura (Blue Spring Ride, Dance with Devils) at Brains Base and Reiko Yoshida (Girls und Panzer, Haruchika – Haruta & Chika) is handling the series composition. Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee manga creator Hiroyuki Asada is providing the original character designs for the series and Hitomi Tsuruta is adapting Asada's designs for animation / serving as chief animation director. Rock band Luck Life is performing the opening theme song "Hajime no Ippo" (First Step). The seven main cast members of the anime are performing the ending theme song "LIMIT BREAKERS" under the unit name BREAKERS.

The anime premiered on the 5th of July on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and TV Aichi. Funimation is streaming the series and will soon launch a English broadcast dub.

Cheer Boys!! has also inspired a manga adaptation in Shonen Jump+ and a stage play to start in December.

If you wish to know more about Cheer Boys!! you can read the anime spotlight, the preview guide's thoughts or just make up your own mind by watching it now on AnimeLab.

Danganronpa 3: The End of of Hope's Peak High School – Despair & Future Arc

This is a little confusing, Danganronpa 3 is split into two simultaneous arcs. Both parts follow the cast of the games before the games start, with the Despair Arc following the students of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc prior to the game and the Future Arc following the surviving characters from Trigger Happy Havoc and new characters set after the events of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. At the end of broadcast the series will conclude the story of "Hope's Peak Academy".

© Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./
All Rights Reserved.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Despair Arc

Hope's Peak High School is a special school that nurtures those with exceptional talents and abilities. While only top students are a part of the main course, anyone can join the preparatory course, like Haijme Hinata has. Hinata wants nothing more than to be part of the talented elite, but his desires lead him to a fateful encounter that drives the future of the school into despair.

© Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./
All Rights Reserved.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Future Arc

Makoto Naegi is under suspicion of treason after shielding a remnant of Despair. The Future Foundation, founded to save the world from chaos caused by Ultimate Despair, gathers to decide his punishment when they are captured by Monokuma. Thrusted into an ultimate death game, they must find the true traitor and kill him if they hope to survive. The tale of despair in which hope kills hope begins.

Danganronpa's original scenario writer and creator, Kazutaka Kodaka has stated that there will not be an adaptation of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair because the team wanted to show everyone a new Danganronpa and the story of 2 and the characters within it ended in 2.

Kazutaka Kodaka is in charge of the original scenario concepts and overall supervision. Rui Komatsuzaki is credited with the original character designs, and Seiji Kishi is directing. Norimitsu Kaihō (School-Live!, Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation) is in charge of the scenario on the project, and animation studio Lerche is returning to animate the project. Kazuaki Morita and Ryoko Amisaki are designing the anime's characters. The Danganronpa Design Team is credited with the original background designs. Masafumi Takada is composing the music, and Yoshinori Terasawa is the "Otasuke Producer."

TRUSTRICK and Maon Kurosaki are performing the opening theme to "Mirai Hen," and TRUSTRICK is also performing the ending theme song for "Mirai Hen." The group binaria is performing the opening theme for "Zetsubō Hen."

The series debuted in Japan in July and Funimation is streaming the series in North America and will have a broadcast dub out shortly.

You can read reviews of the Future Arc or the Despair Arc right now. However you would be better off watching the series on AnimeLab and just enjoying the ride.

©Shuichi Asou/

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo is a typical 16-year-old high school student… except he has psychic powers. He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. Everything. No surprises, no secrets, no normal human experiences. He's kept his powers in check since childhood, but with the temptations of high school now on his mind, he's bending the rules... and spoons.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan) is adapted from a gag manga written and illustrated by Shūichi Asō. The series has been serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump since June 2012 and to date 18 volumes have been released.

Hiroaki Sakurai (Di Gi Charat, Maid Sama!) is directing the anime at EGG FIRM and J.C. Staff, and Michiko Yokote (Shirobako, Kyōkai no Rinne) is in charge of series composition. Masayuki Onji (Kimi to Boku., Aoi Hana) is in charge of character design. The new special musical unit Saikic Lover will perform background music for the anime. The group consists of vocalist Yoffy, guitarist Imajo, and arranger Kenichirō Ōishi. Natsuki Hanae performs the late-night broadcast's opening theme song, and Dempagumi.inc performs the late-night broadcast's ending theme song.

The series premiered in Japan on the 4th of July in the morning and the evening broadcast will premiere on the 10th of July. Funimation is streaming and the broadcast dub will premiere on the 7th of August.

You can read ANN's preview guide thoughts on the first episode here and watch the series on AnimeLab right now.

©Regalia Project

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

In the country of Rimguard a mysterious event shook the country and its people just 12 years prior. As time passed, memory of the incident began to fade while peace reigned over the land. Sisters Yui and Rena live a quiet life in the Enastria Empire until a large mecha suddenly attacks their peaceful home, changing everything. The girls become caught in a vortex of destiny and godly revival.

Susumu Tosaka (Infinite Stratos series director) is directing the anime at Actas. Keigo Koyanagi (Go! Go! 575, Angel Beats! setting production) is in charge of the series composition. QP:flapper is handling the original character design, Kimitake Nishio (Moetan, ToHeart2) is serving as the chief animation director and is adapting those designs for animation, and Kanta Suzuki (Buddy Complex) is handling the mechanical design. TRUE performs the show's opening theme song "Divine Spell," and Minami performs the ending theme song.

The series originally premiered on the 7th of July in Japan. However broadcast has now temporarily halted due to the "recognizable difference between the show's planned quality [and the current quality]." The announcement for the halt further explained that because it is difficult to cancel the production, the staff will adjust the structure and schedule of the production in order to deliver a better product. The broadcast will resume on the 1st of September from the first episode. This affects all simulcasts worldwide.

Funimation is of course streaming the series in North America.

In the meantime, you can read the preview guide on the first episode and watch the first four episodes on AnimeLab.

© Project Mari&Waka

Time Travel Girl

Mari Hayase is on a mission to go back in time and meet eight of the most prominent scientists and inventors in history. With the help of her two friends Waka Mizuki and Jun Mizuki she'll find herself up close and personal with famous figures like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and so many more! What's her purpose and mission? Hopefully not getting stuck in the past!

Time Travel Girl is being produced at Wao World (long running key animation and in-between studio) with Osamu Yamasaki (Toward the Terra, Hakuōki) directing the anime and supervising the series scripts. Hitomi Kuroishi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Last Exile, Shangri-La) is composing the music with character design from Takashi Kobyashi (Battle Skipper, Hand Maid Mai).

Idol group AŌP (Mr. Osomatsu, 12-Sai: Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki) will perform the anime's opening theme song "Kibō Traveler" (Hope Traveler). Idol group Erabeshi will perform the ending theme song "Miss Rabbit."

The anime premiered on July 9 and air on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. JST. Funimation plans to stream the series as it airs in Japan.

You can read the ANN Preview Guide on the first episode here and watch the series now on AnimeLab.

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