TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND, Shokotan Perform Magical Circle Guru-Guru's New Ending Song

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CD single for new song "Magical Circle" ships November 15

The official website for Magical Circle Guru-Guru, the new anime of Hiroyuki Eto's Mahōjin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru) manga, revealed on Wednesday that TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND will collaborate with Shoko Nakagawa on the new ending theme song of the anime. The new song is titled "Magical Circle," and the song's CD single is slated for November 15. Nakagawa (also known as "Shokotan") said the song will focus on Kukuri's viewpoint.

TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND is also performing the anime's current ending theme song "Round&Round&Round" as a collaboration with Bonjour Suzuki. ORESAMA, the group performing the current opening theme song, is also performing the second opening song.

The Magical Circle Guru-Guru anime premiered in Japan on July 11, and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs in Japan. The anime will run for 24 episodes.

Crunchyroll describes the story:

Nike, a boy from the Boering Village village, is forcefully sent along on a quest to defeat the Devil King after his Hero-worshipping parents see a posting from the king summoning potential heroes.

Following the village's traditions, he visits the magical old lady where he is entrusted with caring for a young girl named Kukuri, who can use the mysterious Guru Guru magic. According to the old woman's claims, Kukuri is the last survivor of the Migu Migu clan who wield Guru Guru, and she has been waiting for a Hero to appear.

It will be a journey filled with laughter, and occasional tears. And now the classic fantasy featuring a slacker Hero and a naive young Mage begins unfold!

Hiroshi Ikehata (Seiyu's Life, Robot Girls Z, Akiba's Trip: The Animation) is the show's "series director," and Tetsuaki Watanabe (episode director for all three seasons of Haikyu!!) is the assistant director at Production I.G. Hisaaki Okui (Hacka Doll the Animation director under the name Ikuo Geso) is handling the series composition, and Naoyuki Asano (Mr. Osomatsu, Saint Young Men) is the character designer. Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund is composing the music at Lantis.

The new anime adaptation is not a sequel of previous anime or an adaptation of the Mahōjin Guru Guru 2 manga, but starts with the story of the manga's first chapter when Nike and Kukuri meet in Jimina Village.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Katsunori Takahashi)

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