Game Developer light Reports New Regulations for Games on Sony Consoles

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Company must pass inspections to release 18+ game Silverio Trinity

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A representative from game developer Light (Dies irae) said in a livestream presentation on October 26 that the company submitted an application to get its game, Silverio Trinity (pictured right), on Sony platforms, but the application has not yet passed. The representative from Light alluded in the livestream to new policies at Sony about 18+ games on its PlayStation consoles.

"It looks as though Sony is going in a direction of not allowing us to release games rated 18+ worldwide," he said. "Since our game is 18+, there's strict inspection, and we're getting various questions that we are asked to answer entirely in English."

The representative added that Light has someone who is translating everything into English, but complained that the burden fell to Light itself. He added that if the game passes Sony's inspection then Light will be able to get the game out at the beginning of next year, but the company plans to release the game elsewhere if the game does not pass. He said if the company were to release the game on Steam, it could release the game next week, but Light has an arrangement with Sony.

Silverio Trinity launched for Windows PC in January 2017. The developers did not say whether Light plans to release the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita.

Several game localization companies have recently reported obstacles in releasing games on Sony platforms in the West. Omega Labyrinth Z was cancelled on PS4 and PS Vita in the West, which publisher PQube explained was due to the "wishes of the platform holder" (in this case Sony). Similarly, XSEED games delayed Senran Kagura Burst: Re:Newal to remove the "Intimacy Mode" on the game's PS4 version as per the wishes of the platform holder (the Steam version of the game will still feature the mode).

Idea Factory's Western PlayStation 4 releases of Dragon Star Varnir and Date A Live Rio Reincarnation will each have two modified CG scenes. (The edit will not be present in the PC version of Rio Reincarnation.) Idea Factory International commented that its company policies have not changed and that it has "plans in place" to make sure it can bring "all future titles to the West in their full entirety."

While these changes apparently affect the Western releases, some players have recently reported more changes than normal to games ported to Sony platforms in Japan. Twitter user @uitachibana recently reported that the new PS4 versions of Nora to Ōjo to Noraneko Heart and Sakura Sakura, both of which launched on October 25, use light bars and image trimming to cover various scenes that are still visible in the original PC versions. In the case of case of Nora to Ōjo to Noraneko Heart, @uitachibana reported that the new Nintendo Switch version and last year's PlayStation Vita version matched the PC version.

The staff of Nora to Ōjo to Noraneko Heart announced on Friday that it plans to release a patch that includes some new and modified images next month. The new images do not have light bars, but still differ from the PC and Swtich versions @uitachibana shared. One image that, according to @uitachibana, shows a girl's underwear in the original version will show the girl with pants on in the newly patched PS4 version.

Several players have also reported changes to the Japanese PS4 version of Nekopara Vol. 1, which launched on November 2 after a delay and is rated CERO C (15+). Players reported that a "breast bounciness" adjustment mechanic was removed and that there is an increased amount of steam in at least one bath scene in the PS4 version. Developer Neko Works previously stated, however, that there are no white rays covering up the graphics in the PS4 version.

ANN has not verified the screenshots that were shared, nor is there any confirmation that any particular change is the result of a new policy at Sony.

Thanks to Config Space for the news tip.

Sources: Light Niconico livestream via Siliconera, Hachima Kikō, Gematsu (link 2)

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