Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Localize Horror Visual Novel Carrion Crow

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Followup of Neighbor visual novel in development

United States localization group OTUSUN LAND launched a Kickstarter campaign on November 11 to localize the horror visual novel Carrion Crow (Fukurō-san) into English. The campaign is seeking to raise US$10,000 by December 14.

The game is currently in production, and if the project is successful it is slated to launch on Steam in July. The staff have secured funding to provide a voice for the main protagonist, but if the project reaches its stretch goal of US$15,000 then the game will be fully voiced. Another stretch goal at US$20,000 will expand the soundtrack.

OTUSUN LAND describes the story:

Chief Editor Saitou of Light Publishing suddenly passes away in an unexpected, unlikely suicide. Yuuki Shouko attends his funeral.

On the way home, Shouko recieves a call from a friend, probing into the suspicious circumstances of Saitou's death. Despite trying to dismiss the questions - not her problem - Shouko is soon pulled into the heart of a string of mysterious fatalities. In each incident, the victims have stabbed themselves to death, wounds littering their bodies from head to toe.

Shouko is forced to investigate the dark truth behind these deaths, with the help of her boyfriend Watabe Kouichi. Soon, a troubling connection between the victims begins to come to light. They, like Kouichi, were all former member's of Light Publishing's third editing board. This leads Shouko to one terrifying conclusion: her boyfriend is next...

Carrion Crow is an followup of the earlier game Neighbor (Rinjin). Rosalia released the game in 2009, and OTUSUN LAND (an offshoot of developer OTUSUN Club) released a remake in Steam on September 29 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Those who pledge US$20 or more to the Carrion Crow campaign will receive a Steam key for the game when it is released. Additional Kickstarter rewards include a digital or physical soundtrack, digital or physical guidebook, a t-shirt, a DVD of a recital performance for Neighbor, and the ability to name a minor character in the game.

Source: Carrion Crow Kickstarter campaign

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