Localization Group Otusun Land Launches Kickstarter for Classic Horror Visual Novel Remake

Tokyo, Japan – March 1, 2018 Japan- and US-based localization group OTUSUN LAND has begun a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support the creation and localization of a remake of classic horror visual novel 隣人 -Neighbor-. The campaign offers a wide variety of rewards, including digital and physical copies of the game, and has a funding goal of 550,000 yen (approximately $5,000). Stretch goals are also included to fund extra content for the game. The campaign will run until March 31, and 隣人 -Neighbor- is scheduled for release in August of 2018.

The campaign page can be accessed from the following URL: https://www.Kickstarter.com/projects/2098570429/bring-classic-horror-visual-novel-neighbor-to-the

隣人 -Neighbor- is a Japanese visual novel originally developed and released by game brand Rosalia in 2009. Set in an inescapable haunted apartment, the game features a story dripping with traditional Japanese horror elements and uses monochrome background art to chilling effect. Neighbor was originally released as a free game sponsored and promoted by several companies. Today, Rosalia no longer exists, nor do most of the companies which sponsored it. Because of this, Neighbor has been lost to time and cannot be obtained anywhere in Japan or elsewhere. If funded, this will be the first time the game has been made available in English. The 隣人 -Neighbor- remake project recently enjoyed a very successful crowdfunding campaign within Japan, raising over 300,000 yen for the purpose of including full voice acting for every character in the remake.

OTUSUN LAND is a recently-established independent localization group with the mission of localizing Japanese content which would otherwise go unnoticed and making it accessible to English-speaking audiences worldwide. In addition to the 隣人 -Neighbor- project, we are currently releasing the serialized audio drama 櫻-Sakura- in both Japanese and English; the first chapter was released in February of 2018, and further chapters are forthcoming. Other localization projects are also in the works and are planned to be announced soon.

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