ADV Films aquires Korean Animation, My Beatiful Girl, Mari



HOUSTON, September 17, 2003-ADV Films Founder, President and CEO John Ledford today announced the acquisition of the acclaimed Korean animated feature "My Beautiful Girl, Mari" for North American distribution. The title was named "Best Feature" at the 2002 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Held annually in Annecy, France, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival is the world's most prestigious festival of animation.

The Korean animation industry, long known for the quality of its behind-the-scenes animation work on overseas productions, has in recent years begun to gain considerable attention for its original productions. Directed by Lee-Sung Kang, and largely animated using digital techniques, "My Beautiful Girl, Mari" is widely considered to be the finest original animated work to emerge from Korea.

"We've been paying very close attention to Korean animation for some time," said Ledford. "The industry is not yet as well established as the Japanese animation industry, but the quality of the work is very impressive. The recognition that 'My Beautiful Girl, Mari' has received is proof of that, and we're excited to have the opportunity to bring the title to North America."

"My Beautiful Girl, Mari" tells the story of a young boy, Nam-woo, who escapes from a difficult life (his widowed mother has a new boyfriend, his beloved grandmother is gravely ill, and his best friend is leaving for school in Seoul) through an elaborate fantasy involving a lovely young girl named Mari. Later in the film, the adult Nam-woo looks back at the period and reflects upon the importance of this dream-life in getting through the challenges of his youth. "My Beautiful Girl, Mari" makes extensive use of symbolic magical realism elements, in an animation style that is noticeably different from both Disney-style American animation and Japanese animation.

Release Plans
ADV Films plans a limited theatrical release in 2004 for "My Beautiful Girl, Mari," followed by an Anime Network broadcast debut and home video release.

About ADV Films:
In 1992, ADV Films began to forge the international market for Japanese animation ("anime") by combining unique titles, outstanding production values and efficient large-scale distribution. Today, ADV Films is the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation to the North American market, with the firm's holdings including such premier titles as "NOIR," "Sailor Moon," "Samurai X," "Hello Kitty's Paradise," "RahXephon," "Spriggan," "Robotech," "Full Metal Panic" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion." In addition, ADV Films' product line has expanded to include other forms of genre programming, including live-action science fiction programs "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," "Mutant X" and The Jim Henson Company's "Farscape," and classic science fiction such as the updated "Gamera" trilogy. ADV Films' parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., also publishes Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and operates Anime Network(tm), broadcasting anime and anime-related programming via digital cable, 24 hours a day. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with additional offices in the EU and Japan, and distribution on four continents, ADV is fast becoming an international entertainment powerhouse. For more information, visit ADV Films on the web at

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