Anime Overdose 2004 announces new location, guests
March 4-6, 2005
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
San Francisco, CA

Anime Overdose is coming back with a new location and a revamped events lineup, including Cosplay, Karaoke, Video Gaming, Workshops, and more! After over 800 people came to the convention in 2004, Anime OD has moved to San Francisco and expects to grow behind more floor space and a strong guest list.

The guest list so far includes:

Debi Derryberry Voice Actress Debi Derryberry is no stranger to the world of anime, having been, among other roles, the voice of Ryo-Ohki in Tenchi Muyo! However, she's best known for playing the role of young Jimmy Neutron in the Academy Award® nominated Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. Tara Strong Voice Actress Tara Strong has been a strong presence in the American voice acting scene since she was a teenager, credited in shows from The Care Bears to Fairly OddParents. Among her many roles, she has played Rikku in Final Fantasy X and X-2, Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, Batgirl in Batman: The Animated Series, and Raven in Teen Titans. Gilles Poitras Author and Lecturer Mr. Poitras is the writer of the well-known and never forgotten Anime Essentials, known, used, and loved by all in the anime world. PMBQ Comic Artist and Writer PMBQ is the artist for Tea-Club, a popular webcomic, and her work has also been seen in comic books from UDON and Marvel Comics.

About Anime Overdose Anime Overdose started at Santa Clara University in 2003 as an extension of the Tempura Anime Club, and in 2004 attracted over 800 attendees. AOD 2005 is sponsored by ADVFilms, Bandai, AnimEigo, Central Park Media, and the Consulate General's Office of San Francisco.

About Synchronous Entertainment, LLC Synchronous Entertainment, formed on July 22, 2004, seeks to promote Asian culture and all forms of animation, regardless of origin.

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