Metrocon 3 Announces Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine

METROCON 3 Announces Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine

TAMPA BAY, FL, March 10, 2005 – AnimeMetro is pleased to announce voice actor and musician Johnny Yong Bosh and his band Eyeshine as special guests at METROCON 2005.

Johnny Yong Bosch made his debut as Adam, the Black Ranger on Might Morphin' Power Rangers. He appeared in over 200 episodes and both big screen versions of the series. He is also known for his voice acting work as Vash in Trigun, Kaneda in Akira, Reiji in Gate Keepers, Claus in Last Exile, Clair in Heat Guy J, Sakaki in Witch Hunter Robin, Mike in Please Twins, and Kiba in Wolf's Rain. Johnny has recently completed his directorial debut on a love action horror film called Devon's Ghost with Artist View Entertainment. Johnny is also a part of the rock band Eyeshine. This will be Johnny's first appearance at METROCON.

The Southern California based alternative rock group Eyeshine, have managed to “compile a great mix of ninja action melodies with karate explosive lyrics, well that is how they describe it.” Eyeshine's performers are: Johnny Yong Bosch (vocals, guitar); Maurice Salmin (vocals, drums): and Alex Orantes (vocals, bass).

The Tampa Bay, Florida-based anime convention is scheduled for June 24-26, 2005, at the Tampa Convention Center in Downtown Tampa, FL.

METROCON is a weekend-long celebration of the numerous facets of Japanese popular entertainment – from anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comics), J-pop and J-Rock (Japanese pop and rock music, performed by “idols”) to cosplay (costume design and performance) and video games.

Events at METROCON this year includes: - The “Anime Human Chess Match”- Year 2, “Anime Idol” J-Pop/J-Rock Competition; - Artists' Alley; - A “gong show style” cosplay competition; costume contest; dealers'/exhibition room; “DDR Extreme” Tournaments; - An Anime Music Video contest (AMVs); - Official convention screenings of new North American releases; - Panels with North American anime industry guests; - Live Celebrity Commentaries with the industry guests;- Dances and karaoke; - The METROCADE video game room; and finally, continuous hours of Japanese anime and related programming.

Membership rates for METROCON 2005 are as follows:

Three-Day Membership (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):


$30 to 3/31/2005

$35 to 4/30/2005

$40 to 5/31/2005

Children, 6-12:

$25 to 5/31/2005

Children, under 5: Free, with paid adult admission.

For more information about pre-registration rates for groups of 10 or more, e-mail [email protected]

Visit for more information.

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