TRSI Announces Piano Volume 1

PIANO: THE MELODY OF A YOUNG GIRL'S HEART DVD 1: SECRET LOVE Pre-book date: 5/31/2005 - Street date: 6/28/2005 Approximately 72 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.

Genre: Drama

DVD (English, Japanese, English Subtitles, English On Screen Translations)

Catalog#: RSDVD8041 Suggested Rating: ALL

ISBN: 1-57032-807-2

UPC#: 7-42617-8041-2-0

SRP: $29.95

Right Stuf International proudly presents a new heartwarming story of love and growing up: PIANO: THE MELODY OF A YOUNG GIRL'S HEART!

From director Tatsuo Sato (DIRECTOR: COMIC PARTY / ASST DIRECTOR: CASTLE IN THE SKY), with character designs by Kosuke Fujishima (OH MY GODDESS! / SAKURA WARS) and art direction by Junichi Higashi (MY DAYS WITH MIDORI / AI YORI AOSHI: ENISHI TV)!

Unlock the music within your heart!

Miu Nomura once loved to play the piano. As a little girl, the music made her heart soar and she eagerly shared her songs with all of those around her. Now an introverted teenager, Miu has become too shy to express her feelings – even through her music. Her playing has suffered and her piano teacher, the moody Mr.

Shirakawa, has become impatient with her inability to reach the next level.

When Miu develops a crush on upperclassman Takahashi, her best friend Yuuki is the first to notice. Unfortunately, Yuuki's too distracted with her own emotional troubles – she's fallen hard for third year track star Takizawa! However, Mr.

Shirakawa has also noticed something...a sudden and remarkable change in Miu's playing. Can he help her rediscover the joy of the piano and find the courage to share her heart and music once more?

Contains episodes 1-3.

PLUS! DVD 1 includes the first of two special epilogues by Miu's Japanese voice actress, Ayako Kawasumi, and an exclusive booklet containing Piano Side Story #1: "The Melody of the Hydrangea."

Bonus DVD content includes:

Special Dual Sided Cover, Character Bios, Line Art Gallery,

Original Character Sketches, Special Epilogue #1,

Textless Opening, Piano Side Story #1, English Production Notes,

Scene Access, Right Stuf Trailers, English Audio, Japanese Audio,

English Subtitles & On Screen Translations

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