Newtype USA May 2005 Issue

An exclusive peek into the heart of this beloved warrior

Plus: Special new subscription offer!

HOUSTON, April 21, 2005—He's one of the most popular anime characters of all time, starring in a top-selling manga series and a top-rated TV show that's sold hundreds of thousands of DVDs, but until now InuYasha had yet to receive the most coveted honor in the anime world—the cover of Newtype USA!

This May, InuYasha finally gets his props with a gorgeous cover and an exclusive feature offering some keen insight into the noble heart of this hot-headed warrior. Whether you're one of the legion of devoted InuYasha fans or even if you've yet to fall down that ancient well, this feature is sure to delight, with lavish full-spread art of InuYasha, Kagome, Kikyo and Sango!

The May issue will continue to please with a perfect mix of sneak peeks of the newest anime out only in Japan along with inside scoops on the shows you're watching right now. Fresh features include Stateside coverage of Gilgamesh, Saiyuki Reload, Kyo Kara Maoh! and Midori Days, along with first looks at Eureka seveN, Gun X Sword and Trinity Blood.

Also inside the May issue:

· FREE DVD with complete episodes of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and Cromartie High School

· Favorite moments from Fullmetal Alchemist's cast and crew

· Saucy centerfold—Maburaho's Yuna Miyama

· Gatchaman: The original Science Ninja Team returns, uncut and fully restored

· The latest installment in the Lagoon Engine Einsatz manga insert

· Almost 50 reviews of anime DVDs, manga, video games, music, toys and more!

· The official art of Overman King Gainer


Starting with the May 2005 issue, Newtype USA is offering a special installment plan to make it even easier to subscribe to the top anime magazine in North America! For just three easy payments of $29.99, you can have Newtype USA delivered straight to your door for an entire year. That's a savings of over 40% off the cover price—like getting five issues free! This offer is available only through subscription cards in issues of Newtype USA, and it's not likely to last forever, so be sure to sign up right away!


Newtype USA Vol. 4, Issue 5 will be available May 1, 2005.

About Newtype USA:

Newtype USA is the official English-language version of Newtype, Japan's #1 source for information about anime and manga. Newtype USA includes all the best Japanese content translated, plus loads of original U.S. material: anime, manga, music, game, and toy reviews, feature articles, director interviews, artist profiles, and regular columns by industry experts, tastemakers and deep-cover insiders. Newtype USA also includes awesome bonus gear, such as a centerfold poster, a manga (comic) insert and an exclusive bonus DVD. For more information, visit

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