Crash Media Group goes PSP and MTV!

To Play or not to Play?
Crash Media Group goes PSP and MTV!

At Anime Boston of 2005, Anime Crash has done it again and announced that it will be the first anime label in the U.S. to offer downloadable trailers to its customers straight to the SONY PSP! That's right you now can go to the library section of and get exclusive PSP content to download straight to the PSP's Memory Card! Content will include anything and everything from new trailers to exclusive anime previews, interviews, and convention only specials!

It's a whole new ball game. With the crystal clear video and stereo sound of the PSP and Anime Crash's video line up and soon its Crash Cinema library, what more can a gamer want! Rest your thumbs, it back and enjoy the show! The PSP revolution begins!

Back on the home front, Crash fans can now enjoy martial arts action on MTV2 as Crash Cinema titles are remixed and put on the air as “Sharts.” Crash Cinema martial arts action which has inspired the likes of “Kung Fu Hustle” and “House of Flying Daggers” now accompany the hyjinx of “Wildboyz” and the “Hip-Hop Countdown” every night on MTV2. With Anime Crash titles soon to follow, the tip of the iceberg has only just been uncovered, with an upcoming series of content ranging from 30 second martial arts clips, to content about the making of Kimio Ikeda's (Speed Racer, Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets) Shiden anime series currently in production in Japan.

Crash Media Group engages warp speed for 2005, with new content on new technology for a new audience.

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