Happy Year of the Dog! Think Rinkya for Japan Shopping!


In Japan the dog symbolizes prosperity and protection. A small bronze statute to honor the legendary Akita dog, Hachiko, was erected at Tokyo¹s Shibuya Train Station in 1934. The story of Hachiko¹s loyalty and faithfulness has warmed the hearts of millions of Japanese travelers for over seventy years. Hachiko would go each day with his master to the Shibuya Train Station when he left for work. Upon his return, Hachiko would be waiting and wagging in anticipation. One day, however, his master did not return. He had taken ill and died at work. Hachiko, however, kept up his daily watch- waiting for his master. The faithful dog waited for over ten years until his own death at the Shibuya Station.

In honor of the New Year , Rinkya would like to help you celebrate the Year of the Dog with some new and familiar Dog searches at Japan Auction and Japan On-line Shopping Sites.

Some of the most popular collectible Dogs include:
Hachiko; Ocha-Ken (Tea Dogs) from the Anime TV Show;
Sony¹s Dog Robot AIBO; Sega¹s Dog Robot Idog;
Inugurumi, Disney-dressed dog toys; Fortunes Dogs;
Kubricks Toys; Nintendogs Video Game; Pugs;
Rune Naito; Takahashi Yoshihiro Mangaka; Yatterwan .

If you can¹t find your prized pup, you can ask Rinkya to create a search for you and celebrate the Year of the Dog with Rinkya!

For Further Information Visit : www.rinkya.com , http://www.rinkya.com/confidence.php

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