Madman Releases Hellsing Ultimate


The legendary vampire series returns! Hellsing Ultimate, available on DVD April '07 from Madman.

MELBOURNE, Friday, 23 March 2007 – Prepare yourselves for another bloodbath freaks!

Based on the original manga from Kouta Hirano the story begins in the British Empire where for over a century the Hellsing Organisation has been secretly protecting humanity from the undead "freaks". When Sir Integra Hellsing succeeded as the head of the organisation, she also inherited the ultimate weapon against the undead enemies, the rogue vampire Arucard. Although his signature weapon is an enormous "anti-freak" gun called Jackal, he is a "true" undead with mysterious and frightening powers, which includes the ability to transform himself into bats and other creatures.

Hellsing Ultimate has been completely reanimated and retold to the standard it deserves, featuring a production team of anime stars responsible for classics such as: Haibane Renmei, Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, Vampire Hunter D & Macross Zero. You'll feel like the gates of hell are opening in your living room.

"HELLSING manages the rare job of taking a show that's already been out and doing it all over again, this time far better than it ever was."
- Anime On DVD

"This is a high-quality resurrection of a top-shelf anime series that deserves to be in the spotlight; you won't be disappointed."
- Anime News Network

Release Date: Wed, 4th April, 2007
Rating: MA15+ – Strong animated violence, Sexual themes
SRP: $29.95 (V1)

PRODUCT LINK: Hellsing Ultimate V1 .

Limited edition foil cover (reversible clean collector's cover)
Audio commentary with Crispin Freeman (Arucard) and Taliesin Jaffe (English Voice Director)
Interview with Crispin Freeman (Arucard) and Taliesin Jaffe (English Voice Director)
Japanese promotional music videos inc. Broken English and Young King Ours Version
Japanese and U.S. trailers
Japanese TV commercials
Textless ending
Production art galleries

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