AnimeTV Reviews Bleach and Samurai Girl Real Bout High School in 10th Episode


Hottest Online Video Podcast Program Also Interview Anime Stars Johnny Yong Bosch and Wendee Lee

Burbank, California (August 2, 2007) — Anime fans galore will drool over the 10th podcast episode of AnimeTV™ as the cast enter the realm of BLEACH and the “Under Exposed” title SAMURAI GIRL REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL. More information can be found on the website .

The cast of AnimeTV™ will be reviewing both titles as well as the voice actors behind the main characters, one who happens to be the host of AnimeTV™, Johnny Yong Bosch (BLEACH; character-Kurosaki Ichigo).

During the “Under Exposed” segment, the cast of AnimeTV™ interviews the legendary Wendee Lee (SAMURAI GIRL REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL; character-Ryoko Mitsurugi) who has voiced such recognizable characters as Faye Valentine (COWBOY BEBOP), Vanessa Leeds (ROBOTECH) and MOST recently Haruhi Suzumiya (THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA).

BLEACH (Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural)
Plot Summary:
Kurosaki Ichigo (played by Johnny Yong Bosch) is a 15 year old boy who has the ability to see ghosts/spirits. That all changes when a Death God named Kuchiki Rukia pans into his bedroom and introduces him to "Hollows". To save his family, Ichigo takes on the powers of the Death God after Rukia is badly injured. After two Death God's from Soul Society take Rukia away for breaking the law of transferring Death God powers to a human and being in the human word longer than allowed, Ichigo vows he will save the life of the Death God who saved his life. However, there are traitors in Soul Society and Ichigo and the rest of Soul Society must figure out who these traitors are and what they want with Rukia. The Soul Society, along with Ichigo, must be prepared for what these traitors wish to do to Soul Society and the rest of the human world.

SAMURAI GIRL REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL (Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen)
Plot Summary:
At Daimon High School, kids settle their disputes by dueling with each other in the school's official K-Fight battle arena. Ryoko Mitsurugi (played by Wendee Lee), samurai girl and the undefeated K-Fight champion, is called upon by a mysterious Priestess to protect the Earth from an invasion from the alternate universe of Solvania. Ryoko faces battles that will test her skills, her friendships, and her heart in order to find her true inner strength as a samurai warrior.

The 10th episode of AnimeTV™ is now available on and a host of other outlets including Comcast Video On Demand, iTunes and Akimbo. Watch for new episodes every other Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time. “AnimeTV Go!!!”

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