Takii 5 Announces Returning Guest Favs & Exclusive Performance Debuts

That Damn Good: TAKII 5 Announces Returning Guest Favs & Exclusive Performance Debuts

January 19th, 2008 -- Upper Darby, PA -- Just as Shinji, Asuka, & Rei are as in-sync with their Eva units as they are, as are these guests & performers eagerly awaiting to kick it with the TAKII faithful in "The House Of Hardcore Asian Culture Appreciation":

D-CHAN (Japanese/Korean Vocal Musician & DJ)
...."Among other milestones in my young vocal career, I have sung on the opening day of The Kimmel Centre Of The Performing Arts in Philadelphia PA, in addition to winning various district & region-wide vocal festivals, & helping my vocal groups to gain top honors in vocal ajudications up & down the east coast. I have recorded various singles & 2 demo albums ("Watashi Wa..../I Am...." & "Ai no Chikara/The Power Of Love"). As of 2007, I released a full-length album, "Tamashi no Rufuran (Soul's Refrain)", featuring Anime classics & Asian music standards."

RUSIKA (J-Rock Fusion Band & Promoter)
...."Rusika's music is to be considered Japanese Pop/Rock, while experimenting with a variety of their combined lifetime's music-related influences. The band members have been influenced by bands like Mr. Children, Luna Sea, Bump Of Chicken, L'Arc En Ciel, & Spitz. While planning to tour America & Japan this year, Rusika will be traveling to USA's East Coast for the 1st time ever AS A GROUP just for TAKII 5!"

MANDY MEFFORD (2-Time Anime Expo Idol Champion & Aspiring Actress)
...."The aura of TAKII truly knows no bounds of any kind; this was certainly proven when we found out such a karaoke savant was going to grace us with her powerful presence & vocal charm. Mandy Mefford is a former karaoke world champion who currently resides in Southern California. She been into Japanese music since the 4th grade & it all started with early animes like Thundercats, Voltron, & Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon."

KAIMO NAGO GAL CIRCLE (J-Culture Enthusiasts & ParaPara Dance Troupe)
...." Kaimo Nago Gal Circle is an East Coast centered projects team made within the early weeks of the month of May 2007. One of the main focus goals for Kaimo is to help promote & spread the love of the Gyaru subculture of Japan throughout America. Kaimo hopes that through the support & care they can give to their fellow Gal sisters, they can help each other to spread truth & create understanding for the Japanese culture as a whole."

AI (Professional Dance Instructor & Costumed Performer)
...."Currently, [Ai] works as a performer, singer, & dance instructor who has experience in multiple styles. She is also a former TAKII Show Champion (from TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~) & cosplay masquerade winner."

DOKUDEL (Cosplay Savant & "Cosplay Forever" Owner)
...."A young cosplay afficionado in her own right, Dokudel made her 1st waves @ TAKII in TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~'s Asian Karaoke Idol show, where she took 2nd place. Since then, she has been a dedicated TAKII dealer & has become the fusion festival's unofficial cosplay coordinator. To say the least, TAKII 5 faithful are very glad to have her aboard in being our guest judge & MC (Mistress Of Ceremonies) for our Cosplay Exhibitions ~Battle Royale~!"

JEFFREY BRANCH (Worldwide Pink Lady Authority & TAKII Fan)
...."Residing in Philadelphia, PA (the host city of TAKII 5) Jeffrey Branch is an Asian Music enthusiast who just so happens to be the most trusted & reliable source of Pink Lady information (as documented by a hardcore fan) in the entire USA! His site, Pink Lady America, has been mentioned in Japan-based magazines, as well as serving for a portion of the inspiration behind "Pink Lady: A Comical Tribute" from TAKII 4."

For complete bios on all of our guests & performers for this season of TAKII, please visit our official "Guests & Performers" page: http://takii.pdnmz.com/guests_performers.html. (THIS JUST IN: TAKII Coordinators are in negotiations with a few other potential performers who could also make their debuts at TAKII 5 ~Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis)~; details will be forthcoming, so stay tuned!)

"Team TAKII" PR Squad
TAKII 5 ~Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis)~
[email protected]

TAKII 5, a FREE seasonal Asian Music/video game fusion festival, comes to you from The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA on April 5th-6th, 2008. Featuring live Asian Music performers, video gaming excellence, cosplaying, & MORE, there will be a lil something for everyone at this weekend-long Asian culture spectacular!

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