Kakkoi Con 2008 Announces Second Round of Guests


Kakkoi Con 2008 announces second round of guests

Minneapolis - Kakkoi Con, Minnesota's second anime convention is pleased
to announce its second round of guests. Guests include Voice Actor,
Director, and Script Writer Christine Auten, along with Writer Christopher
Brudlos and Artist Joseph Brudlos, creators of the popular award winning
online graphic novel Alpha Shade.

Christine Auten: In the last 10 years Christine has had the opportunity to
work on a ton of great projects as an ADR Director, Voice Actor and ADR
Scriptwriter. Some of her more notable roles as a voice actor over the
years include Maria in the new feature film Vexille, Izumi Curtis in Full
Metal Alchemist, Sakaki in Azumunga Diaoh, Sister Noelle in Trinity Blood,
Keiichirou in Ghost Stories, Mesoussa in Pani, Poni Dash, Hope/Lady Death
in Lady Death, Priss in Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Elvy in RahXephon,
Limelda in Madlax, Sanada in UFO Ultra Maiden Valkyrie, Rizel in Chrono
Crusade, Azalie in Orphan, Barabara Fuccon in The Fuccons, Shuko in
Angelic Layer, Shino in Princess Nine, Young Kohta in Elfen Lied, Hijiri
in Air TV, Edel and Uzura in Princess Tutu and Angelica in Coyote Ragtime

Christopher and Joseph Brudlos: The duo has been designing the popular
online graphic novel Alpha Shade for five years. The story unfolds about a
fictional world dominated by four warring empires.

About Kakkoi Con: Kakkoi|con is an exciting convention that is scheduled
to take place August 1st through the 3rd of 2008 in Minneapolis, MN. This
is an event that people of all ages may attend, however some of the events
scheduled will have an age restriction due to strong language, adult
content, and there will be ID checks to prevent minors from attending.
Kakkoi|con, is an event that is meant to reach beyond the scope of just
Japanese Animation to include Japanese music, fashion, style, and cultural
aspects. We feel that by doing this we can provide a greater appreciation
of Japanese Society. However, Anime will still be the core of what
Kakkoi|con is about.

About Otaku Incorporated: Otaku Incorporated was founded in 2006. While
based in South Dakota, Otaku Incorporated puts on two events which are
geared towards increase awareness, and interest in Asian cultures by
promoting their pop culture.

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