Japanese & European Simultaneous Webcast for Time of Eve

Brussels, Tokyo Dec.2nd 2008

DYBEX S.A., the leading provider of japanese animation content in France, and Directions Inc., the production company behind « Pale Cocoon » are proud to announce the webcast of Director Yasuhiro Yoshiura's new anime project, "Time of Eve", in Europe.

"Time of Eve" will be available in Japanese and English through Directions, but also in French, Italian, German and Spanish via Dybex.
French versions of act01 and act02 are already freely available on both Crunchyroll and Dybex's websites since October, with other languages following in December.

The french version of act03 will be available on www.dybex.com 48 hours after the japanese release on Yahoo Japan.

Starting from act04, the webcast of « Time of Eve » will be simultaneous in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages, a world premiere for a japanese anime show. A goal reached through close cooperation between the two companies, and that will certainly influence the future of anime distribution on the web.

Dybex also handles European distribution rights for Yoshiura's acclaimed previous work, “Pale Cocoon.”

About DYBEX S.A.
Brussels based DYBEX S.A. is one of Europe's pioneer anime companies and is the leading publisher and distributor of Anime within French speaking E.U. since 1996. Its impressive catalogue includes all-time hits such as « Evangelion », « Fullmetal Alchemist », « Cowboy Bebop », « Kenshin », « Hello Kitty's Theatre », and many others.
The company also distributes anime content in Germany, Spain, Italy.


Tokyo-based DIRECTIONS, Inc. produces breathtaking and thought provoking animated works by groundbreaking anime creators. Our collection of works includes the acclaimed series "Time of Eve" (Eve no jikan) by renowned director Yasuhiro YOSHIURA, whose other short works with DIRECTIONS, Inc. include "Pale Cocoon" and "Aquatic Language" (Mizu no kotoba) Guided by the keywords, "edutainment," "creative," and "subculture," DIRECTIONS, Inc. is also actively engaged in producing original content for television programs, DVDs, music videos, and mobile devices.
Contact : Carlo LEVY – Managing Director
Tel : +32 2 376 14 87
[email protected]

25 Av. Krechtenbroek
1640 Rhode St. Genèse


Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo JAPAN 150-0047

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