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Creator of Akagi and Kaiji to Visit Finland in June

Nobuyuki Fukumoto confirmed as the second GoH for Desucon 2010, Finland

The man behind intense gambling mangas Akagi and Kaiji, Nobuyuki Fukumoto, has been confirmed as the second Guest of Honour for Desucon 2010, held in Lahti, Finland on 12-13 June. Desucon 2010 has previously announced voice actress Haruko Momoi as GoH.

At Desucon, Mr Fukumoto will present a talkshow and an autograph session. Mr Fukumotos visit to Desucon will be his first public appearance outside Japan.

Mr Fukumoto is known for his distinct and rather crude drawing style and intensely psychological plots in his manga, often treating themes like gambling and organised crime. Mr Fukumoto established himself with a mahjong manga Ten – Tenhoodoori no Kaidanjin in 1989 during Japan's economic boom, when the popularity of gambling manga soared. His subsequent works include Akagi, Gin to Kin (Silver and Gold), Buraiden Gai (Outcast story: Gai) and Kaiji.

Please refer to our GoH webpage for about Mr Fukumoto: http://desucon.fi/nobuyuki_fukumoto_en.

For more information about press accreditation and requests for interviews, please see http://desucon.fi/ilmo/media?intl=1, or email either media (at desucon.fi) or drasa (at desucon.fi).

For general information about Desucon, please see http://desucon.fi/en.

See you in Lahti in June!

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