Bandai Japan Collaborates with San Fernando Valley's Prominent Japanese Lifestyle Retailer Showcasing Robot Spirits

Sugoi Life Inc. Invites Customers to Play and Explore the World of Bandai Japan's Robot Spirits

NORTHRIDGE, CALIF. - Sugoi Life Inc. hosts a Gundam Workshop on Saturday, May 1st starting at noon free for all ages at their location in the Northridge Fashion Center. Participants and customers not only have the ability to see Gundams being built to an ultimate model, but also have the opportunity to interact with Bandai Japan's meticulous series of Robot Spirits.

Bandai Japan distributes Robot Spirits to exceptional retailers and Sugoi Life Inc. is one of the very few in America that carries this product. Sugoi Life Inc. has carried Robot Spirits for almost one year and in recognition of their excellence in Japan, the company aspired to educate their customers about the collection by allowing them to play with the product and discover its endless capabilities of delving into one's imagination.

With these robotic and inventive skills, Sugoi Life Inc. will host a contest during the Gundam Workshop event. Contestants are to submit photos of their Robot Spirits incorporated in a creative diorama displaying the figures expressive gestures.

Robot Spirits are unlike the common action figure. These 12-centimeter models have the ability to modify their bodies and stature in every way possible. Robot Spirits' consist of unique materials and components allowing the figure to attain infinite moveable arrangements that articulates its actions more thoroughly than the conventional action figure.

The Robot Spirits collection also comprises separate accessories and weapons to complete the model kit retaining authentic movement and convincing body language with its preciseness. “The Robot Spirits are the perfect collectible for kids and adults,” said Marco Natividad, Sugoi Life's Director of Operations. “As an adult collector I appreciate the attention to detail, the articulation, quality and precise packaging.”

Sugoi Life Inc. strives to show customers novel trends from every day Japan and One Piece of merchandise is Bandai Japan's Robot Spirits. Japan is fortunate to be the first to be exposed to these ingenious products and Rich Nakajima, President and owner of Sugoi Life, wants his customers to experience it as well.

“Our goal is to bring Japanese imagination back into the spot light,” said Nakajima. “We want to introduce Japan's notorious trends and prolific ideas in the form of toys.”

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