Limited Number of Official Naruto Shippuden Cels Available

Gardena, CA (September 3rd, 2010) - Animation cels have long been one of the hottest collector's items for anime fans in Japan, and now the official licensed cels from the hit anime series Naruto Shippuden have finally been made available for purchase in the U.S.

As many anime fans may know, the use of cels has been practically abandoned in major productions (except of course for Ponyo, where Miyazaki insisted that the film be hand-drawn). Long gone are the days where the only way to produce anime was to labor over every drawing and paint each individual frame. They now use a group of animators to draw key frames, and when these are finished, everything else in between is computer generated. So what happens to cels? Or even cel collectors?

Studio Pierrot, one of Japan's largest animation studios (and the original creators of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series) has realized the demand for original cels even though they no longer use them. In order to fulfill that demand, they create limited edition cels based on actual scenes in the animation so that collectors are still able to own an original hand-painted work of their favorite series. Because these cels are made especially for artistic display, they are impeccably crafted and only small quantities of each cel are produced. In fact, these limited edition cels have become so popular that they sell out every time!

Digital Manga Inc., has partnered up with VIZ Media to bring fans Naruto Shippuden cels from Japan, exclusively for sale on their online vendor, Akadot Retail. These hand-painted cels were produced by Studio Pierrot, one of Japan's largest animation studios, and the original creators of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series.

Each cel is placed over a background image, and then framed in a mat bearing the Studio Pierrot insignia. At the lower portion of the mat is a seal with the Naruto Shippuden logo and license and copyright information. The cels are protectively wrapped in clear plastic with the official Studio Pierrot sticker. Those interested in purchasing cels can find them at: As an additional bonus – Akadot offers free USPS shipping on cels within the US. All cells are in limited quantities, so purchase your favorites while they're still available!

Akadot Retail, a subsidiary of Digital Manga Inc., presents a new shopping experience for fans of anime and pop culture goods. Not only do they feature the latest finds from Japan, but you can request special import items and they'll attain them for you at a competitive price. They also have first access to all DMP books, stock various professional art supplies for manga, and specialize in finding rare import books.

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