C for Control to be simulcast through Siren on Anime News Network

C for Control to be simulcast through Siren on Anime News Network

Melbourne, April 12, 2011 – Siren Visual is pleased to announce C (for Control, will be its second title to premiere as part of the new streaming service offered on the Anime News Network. It will follow the debut of Tiger & Bunny last Saturday. From acclaimed director Kenji Nakamura, C (for Control) explores the Faustian pact a young economics student, Kimimaro, enters into with a mysterious figure, who offers him an executive position at a bank existing in a parallel world in exchange for his abilities in the future.

Uniquely commissioned as part of the Noitamina programming grid on Fuji TV, C is an original work that offers stunning imagery from the director of Welcome to Irabu's Office. Sophisticated ideas pertaining to corruption, compromise and commerce are balanced with the relationship Kimimaro establishes with his asset, the beautiful Mashu who plays a crucial role in developments. “We're endeavouring to create a fun, stimulating, and interesting series,” said Nakamura. “It's kind of a curious, novel, interesting work.”

Unfortunately the tragic and recent earthquake in Japan has meant there have been unavoidable delays encountered in the completion of materials for C. But the title's highly anticipated roll out has only been forestalled by a week in territories outside of Japan.

Streaming will commence April 22, 1.45am in Australia on Anime News Network, which attracts an audience of over 100,000 monthly visitors in Australia alone, making it the natural host for providing anime content to Australian consumers. "Working with Siren Visual to realise this project is a landmark event for both Anime News Network, and Australian anime fans as well," says ANN CEO Christopher Macdonald.

“For the first time in our history of international licensing we have reached an agreement to legally exhibit brand new series via the internet simulcast in six territories outside of Japan – each with complete subtitles,” said Fuji Creative Corporation's Shigehiko Sato of the International Department.

“From the moment we saw Mononoke and Welcome to Irabu's Office we knew that in Kenji Nakamura we were dealing with a perfectionist and a true visionary in Japanese anime. C is an awesome, Faustian story created by an extraordinarily talented group of people and like everyone else we can't wait to see it,” said Siren CEO Eric Cherry. “Given the tumultuous events in Japan we respect FCC's decision to delay our start and agree it's a practical decision that will ensure the quality of our video and subtitle materials will be the both legitimate and the best available.”

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