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New The King of Fighters XIII Tutorial Video Released

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- JANUARY 3, 2012 -- ATLUS today released the latest in its series of video tutorials for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII, the newest in the legendary fighting franchise, for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (PS3™) and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The ATLUS-produced KOF XIII video tutorial series seeks to give players useful advice and strategies to improve their performance. Today's video, actually part two of the one released at the end of 2011, is again hosted by James Chen (a.k.a. jchensor), a well-known figure in the fighting game community, and DreamCancel.com's Kane317. The new tutorial continues its focus on experienced fighting game players, diving into greater detail about key strategies for success and the many differences and nuances to be explored and mastered in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII. The video also raises concerns that ATLUS may be attempting to assemble some form of a crude KOF XIII army.

"Yeah, man, I've been in their offices," reported alleged insider John Sifo-Dyas. "They're making a KOF XIII army; I'm sure of it. All they ever talk about is 'we really need to continue to show gamers and fighting fans how awesome THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII can be when players really uncover its depth and distinct qualities' and stuff. This one guy just spends all day long--literally every day and night--locked in some back room, just tapping away on that fight stick in the dark..."

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII is out now in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. For more info, visit http://www.atlus.com/kofxiii.

With a roster featuring over 30 hand-drawn fighters, a number of detailed stages bursting with life, over a half dozen play modes, a refined fighting engine built for speed and complete with new moves and supers, a vastly improved Online mode, and a host of other additions, tweaks, and enhancements, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII represents a rebirth for one of gaming's longest tenured franchises and one of the most popular fighting brands ever.

Video game publisher ATLUS has established itself as one of its industry's most consistent, celebrated companies. With proven success across a variety of genres and platforms, including enthusiast-oriented games like the Shin Megami Tensei franchise of award-winning, fan beloved roleplaying games (including the hit Persona sub-series of games and the prestigious Nocturne), the groundbreaking, genre-defying Catherine, Demon's Souls, and the upcoming official video game adaptation of Game of Thrones (early 2012), ATLUS provides quality critically acclaimed interactive entertainment to a wide spectrum of customers.

ATLUS is a brand of Index Corporation and its privately held subsidiary Index Digital Media, Inc.

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©SNK PLAYMORE. "THE KING OF FIGHTERS" is a registered trademark of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION. Published by ATLUS. Exclusively distributed by Index Digital Media, Inc. THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII has been rated "T" for Teen with Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence by the ESRB.

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