Phantom Breaker Limbers Up Ready To Rumble In North America in Q1 2012

GRAPEVINE, TX – January 5th, 2012 – 7sixty is pleased to announce it has signed a deal with Japanese developer 5pb. to bring the cult fighting game to North America in early 2012. Developed for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, Phantom Breaker takes its cue from classic 2D brawlers, offering a host of spectacular special moves, high-impact combos and a counter system that's easy to pick up but takes a lifetime to master... well, obviously not really a lifetime, but you get the idea.

What's more, 7sixty is preparing a very special edition version of the game for North America that will only be available in limited numbers, so grab it quick before it runs out and you're overwhelmed with regret. Included in the special edition is a mini strategy guide featuring top tips for each fighters along with stunning concept artwork by renowned Japanese manga artist Hiro Suzuhira, a desk calendar featuring characters from the game and two double-sided posters.

“We're extremely excited about bringing Phantom Breaker to North America,” said Leslie House, VP of publishing, 7sixty. “5pb. has done a superb job creating an action-packed fighter that's great for casual players with its pick-up-and-play controls – I managed to pull off a 12-hit overdrive combo on my first go - but has plenty of hidden depths and tactics for experienced brawlers, so I'll probably get owned online.”

Phantom Breaker tells the story of a mysterious Japanese fighting tournament organized by a shady character called Shadow, each combatant must take on a range of increasingly powerful foes with the winner gaining the opportunity to grant any wish they desire. Players can choose from a range of gorgeous girls (and a couple of guys) before opting for a quick or hard fighting style, which favor super-fast combos or stronger defense. Through well-timed attacks or blocks, the player can charge their Overdrive bar, which can be unleashed to perform speedier attacks or temporarily increase defense.

Scheduled for Xbox 360 in early 2012, there is more information available about Phantom Breaker at and for information on 7sixty's other products, check out

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Phantom Breaker was originally released in Japan on the XB360 by 5pb. Games.  5pb. Games have also released the critically acclaimed Chaos;HEAd and Steins:Gate.  Their next title titled Robotics;Notes will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next spring in Japan.

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