Berserk New Releases- Art of War Releasing -Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version

26th February 2013, Tokyo, Japan –ART OF WAR has released the “-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version”.

-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version

Follow the release of Femto: The Birth and Guts & Casca figures last year, we are glad to announce our newest product, Void & Griffith figure set to accompany the chapter Eclipse from Berserk Manga volume 12. Eclipse is one of the most important chapters in the entire Berserk Manga saga, and it can be seen as a watershed for the whole story. In the Griffith & Void figure set we created this time, Void points to the Castle with his skinny finger and Griffith, who is in deep despair about his partners, friends, and even his own dreams, looks at the castle motionless though we can feel the stormy agitation in his heart. All forebode the beginning of the Eclipse.

Product Features
Following our previous release of the God Hand set product, this time we re-created the original scene from the manga with improved details.
In the Void & Griffith figure set, you will see that the scarlet Beherit in Griffith's left hand is bathed in blood. It is because when Griffith tries to kill himself, the blood flows down from his left shoulder and wakes up his Beherit. It is never easy to re-create all the elements in one scene, but we always try to do it better. When you see Void standing on the sacrificial altar made up of hundreds of human faces and he points to the Castle which is out of Griffith' reach, you can almost heard his alluring voice saying, "If the castle is the most radiant thing in your eyes..."

“-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version” is 47,400 Japanese Yen (approx. US$510), limited to only 50 sets. The estimated delivery date is in May or June 2013. And the third film of the Berserk series has been premiered on February 1st. This is a great opportunity to pre-order a Berserk project now.

© Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha

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